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CBS SL: Week 7 Grades: Redskins get an A

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Week 7 grades: Refs' yellow downpour earns red marks

Oct. 24, 2005

By Pete Prisco

CBS SportsLine.com Senior Writer

Tell Pete your opinion!

The grades are in.

The league's officials get a D for the weekend.

Can we please stop with all the flags? Please?

On Sunday it seemed to get worse. At times during the Philadelphia Eagles-San Diego Chargers game, the game I covered, the officials seemed to have no idea what they were doing.

Their huddles featured lost faces. A couple of times they picked up flags for calls and offered no explanation. When the alarm went off in the stadium, the officials didn't even make an announcement that it was a false alarm. Nobody moved anyway, but what if it had been something serious?

Did the mike work Sunday?

It's easy to bash the guys in the striped shirts, and normally the feeling here is they do a good job, but this year it has been tough to see smooth games. There is no flow because of the penalties.

So the lead grade this week goes to the officials.

It isn't a good one, either. It's a D, boys. Let's hope it gets better because the F is right around the corner.

Week 7 Grades

Kansas City Chiefs 30, Miami Dolphins 20


Chiefs: They were forced to adjust in a big way because of the hurricane, but they adjusted nicely. Trent Green had his best day and they ran all over Miami.


Dolphins: The Dolphins had an edge because of the change in schedule, but you didn't see it. The offense did little.

Detroit Lions 13, Cleveland Browns 10


Lions: Jeff Garcia did a solid job at quarterback, but the best thing is he didn't turn it over. The defense had a heck of a day against the pass.


Browns: The offense couldn't muster much in the passing game, and Trent Dilfer didn't play well. This is a game the Browns shouldn't lose at home.

Philadelphia Eagles 20, San Diego Chargers 17


Eagles: The Eagles stole one from the Chargers thanks to the touchdown off a blocked field goal. The Eagles defense was dominant for most of the day.


Chargers: This is the hard-luck team, losing again in the final minutes. The running game couldn't get going and that's what keys this team.

Minnesota Vikings 23, Green Bay Packers 20


Vikings: What a big-time kick by Paul Edinger to win the game. It might be the kick that turns this team's season around. Daunte Culpepper came to life in the second half.


Packers: The Packers blew a 17-point lead. That's tough to take. The defense did little in the second half to slow down the Vikings.

Indianapolis Colts 38, Houston Texans 20


Colts: The Colts blew a 14-0 lead, but they were too much for the Texans in the second half. The defense limited the Texans to 13 first downs in a nice showing.


Texans: It continues to be ugly for this team. The offense just can't get anything going. Getting 139 yards isn't going to win many games.

Washington Redskins 52, San Francisco 49ers 17


Redskins: The Redskins dominated a bad team, but it was impressive the way they did it. The offense might be the surprise of the league right now, particularly quarterback Mark Brunell.


49ers: They just don't have the players to compete weekly yet. Alex Smith will be a player someday, but not now.

St. Louis Rams 28, New Orleans Saints 17


Rams: Jamie Martin is 1-0 as a starter as the Rams woke up in the second half. It sure wasn't pretty, though, but this team is playing through a lot of injuries.


Saints: The Saints outplayed the Rams, but somehow blew it in the end. The Rams got away with one on the pick for a touchdown. At least the Saints are still fighting.

Pittsburgh Steelers 27, Cincinnati Bengals 13


Steelers: They are clearly a different team with Ben Roethlisberger at quarterback. They ran the ball well. But this was a day for the defense. They shut down a good Bengals offense.


Bengals: They thought they were ready to show they were the elite of the AFC North. Not quite. Carson Palmer didn't play well and the defense didn't tackle well.

Seattle Seahawks 13, Dallas Cowboys 10


Seahawks: That was a nice comeback when they looked dead. Thank goodness for them Kris Brown can bang home the long field goals.


Cowboys: What a terrible way to blow a game for the Cowboys. They had this one won. Then they let the Seahawks drive the length of the field and then Drew Bledsoe throws a terrible pick. Ouch.

New York Giants 24, Denver Broncos 23


Giants: Give this group credit for rallying from 13 down in the fourth quarter. That was a big time-time drive by Eli Manning to win it.


Broncos: Denver has to feel it blew this one big time. They had this game won. They played too passive on the final drive, and it cost them.

Chicago Bears 10, Baltimore Ravens 6


Bears: As expected, it was the defense that won this game. They were dominant. Thomas Jones continues to play well at running back.


Ravens: Where is the offense? Anthony Wright is struggling and this team can't win with nothing from the quarterback position. Another good defensive effort went to waste.

Oakland Raiders 38, Buffalo Bills 17


Raiders: The Raiders offense had its best day of the year, putting up 38 points and gaining 416 yards. LaMont Jordan had a big day.


Bills: The defense struggled to stop the Raiders in the second half and the offense didn't get any big plays. That's a bad combination.

Arizona Cardinals 20, Tennessee Titans 10


Cardinals: The Cardinals didn't do much on offense, but they did just enough to take this one. At some point, they have to start running the football.


Titans: Without the injured Steve McNair, they struggled on offense. They also didn't run the ball that well.

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