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military police on Sunday arrested a major Sicilian Mafia boss


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PALERMO, Italy (Reuters) -- Italian carabinieri military police on Sunday arrested a major Sicilian Mafia boss who had been on the run for five years, police said.

what's more interesting is the bit about the top boss over there, Provenzano:

Di Fazio's arrest came two days after Italy's new national anti-Mafia prosecutor, Pietro Grasso, caused a storm by saying Bernardo Provenzano, the top Mafia chief who has been a fugitive for four decades, had been protected by politicians and policemen.

once nicknamed "Binu the tractor" because of the way he would mow down his opponents

Provenzano, a native of Corleone -- a town made famous in "The Godfather" films


(AGI) - Milan, Italy, Oct 22 - Antonino Giuffre' has said, "There was a rumour inside the Mafia, that some people were casting doubts on the integrity of Provenzano, in the sense that they thought he was informing the carabinieri police". Giuffre', who is collaborating with the legal system, is being questioned by Raimondo Lo Forti's court about the Milanese transfer of the court case. The case was trying the director of SISDE (the Service for Information and Democratic Security), Mario Mori, and the colonel of the carabinieri police, Sergio De Caprio (peviously a captain whose nickname was 'Ultimo'). These two men are accused of grievous aiding and abetting resulting in the hideout of Toto' Riina not being searched after the Mafia boss was captured on January 15, 1993. Giuffre' continued, "These rumours were circulating Catania, in the Mazzei clan at the beginning of the 90s, and if I remember correctly, the newspapers were also writing about them. On more than one occasion, Provenzano asked me if I believed them. And I told him I didn't". (AGI) .

More Mafia family info.


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