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Potentially telling statistic on who the best NFC East Team is

Guest BleedinBurgundyandGold

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Guest BleedinBurgundyandGold

Last night after the Giants comeback over the Broncos (who we lost to away) and the Cowboys collapse against the Seahawks (who we beat at home), I started wondering if there were any telling statistics on who has the upper hand in, as we head into division play. The first thing that came to mind was strength of schedule, obviously, but I tweaked the stats a bit, calculating each NFC East Team's opponents record, NOT including the games played against the NFC East team. For instance, the broncos loss yesterday, would be negated when totally the Giants opponents record, as was the Seahawks win. Anyway heres what I got:

Redskins Oppenents Record (in games not playing the redskins):


Cowboys Opponents Record (in games not playing the cowboys):


Giants Oppenents Record (in games not playing the giants):


Eagles Opponents Record (in games not playing the Eagles):


I think this proves what a lot of people have started to mention on the boards, that the Redskins are the most balanced team in the division, and at this point in the season, probably playing the most sound football in all 3 phases on the game.


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We are a calloused team. It's only going to toughen us up. We've played some tough games at home and on the road. We've won every which way, and we played very tough in both of our losses. It's important to be in some dog-fights before we make a run for the division.

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