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No threads about the Redskins yet but just incase your curious!

Just make sure you don't troll or give Extremeskins a bad rep. If you do register, treat their message board how you would want them to treat ours.


EDIT: Tom[Giants fan] in a post below told me this was a good Giants message board: www.bigblueinteractive.com

Pay no attention to the man invading this post. :)

Another one:

Big Blue Wrecking Crew

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Guys if you go to their board, please read the thread on the link Supreme Wu posted. Redskin fans ARE knowledgeable and respectful; the antithesis of Eagles fans if you will. Let's keep it that way.

I don't post on other team's boards, but I'll look forward to talking to Tom this week.

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heh, they still got a couple of ppl that don't know what they are talkin about, one guy said that our only good reciever this year is Moss.... they are even talking about tripple covering him... I hope coughlin listens to this, Patten/Thrash/Cooley/Jacobs are gonna have killer days if they don't account for them. Some of them still think our offense is suspect, and they think that we are only hyped up because we put up 52 vs SF, but the thing is we really know whats up, and that is that this team has been a different team since 5 minutes left in the Dallas game. They better be ready for us :D


By the way, that other msg board you posted, they are acting like the biggest #$%-holes you would ever meet. I don't think that is a good forum, we all think we are gonna win, but we don't go bashing and such, the Giants better respect us, or they are gonna have to learn to the hard way :gaintsuck

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I really haven't been following the other TEs in this division, so I couldn't tell you how well Cooley is doing in comparison. After reading the Giants fans universally bash our boy I decided to look up the stats:

Cooley: 25 rec 299 yds 2 TDs

Shockey: 25 rec 424 yds 3 TDs

Witten: 30 rec 364 yds 2 TDs (in seven games)

Smith: 34 rec 350 yds 2 TDs

So ... while I think Cooley is having a greeat year and is a perfect fit for our offense, the other TEs in our division are pretty darn good too. The arguement could be made that Cooley is having the worst year of the four, and he's not having a bad year.

So while I think Giants fans discounting Cooley do so at their own peril, I wouldn't attempt to downplay Shockey's importance either. The man's a hell of a TE.

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My favorite Cooley play this weekend was where he was blocking the end, and was beaten afte a 2 count, so he just flattened out to provide a quick dump for Brunell. It looked like a 2 on 1 in basketball. Nice.

Yes, Cooley may not have the best stats in the conference alone, but he and Sellers have some nice td numbers. :-)

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A good point raised by the guys over on the other forum when comparing our TEs, is that Shockey draws double coverage and makes the entire O run better. You cant just look at the stats alone.

I am really looking forward to the Shockey vs. Taylor matchup...

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After reading some of the things on that board, I hope we rip the Giants apart. I wanna see Taylor take Shockey out of the game and I wanna see Lavar wreak havok on Tiki and Eli.

I just suddenly began to hate the Giants more than the Cowboys....


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