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Dotson blows out achilles, Out for the year


Choose your Redskin QB strategy  

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  1. 1. Choose your Redskin QB strategy

    • Make 28-year-old Wuerffel the QB of the present and future. Keep all 4 QBs in 2002. If Wuerffel plays well, trade Ramsey next offseason (2003) for 2nd round pick.
    • Make Wuerffel or Matthews the 2002 starter. Cut Sage. Never trade Ramsey, and let the guys battle it out in 2003 and beyond.
    • Make Wuerffel or Matthews the 2002 starter, and cut the loser. Keep Sage and Ramsey. Let the guys battle it out in 2003 and beyond.
    • Make Wuerffel or Matthews the 2002 starter. Cut Sage. Draft another QB in 2003, and trade Ramsey after the 2003 draft.
    • The hell with Ramsey. Trade the punk now for a case of Gatorade.

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Just heard Marvin Lewis on News 4 say it was probably a career ending injury.

I hope I'm not re-posting something alread stated, but in any case.. this eally sucks.. I really liked our depth.

Glad Jackson and Cowsette played so well to instill a little optimism about our D-line still.

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I believe it was practice..

If anyone else has more insight.. let me know.. but from what I heard, I was under the impression it was practice.

I only caught the end of the show to hear it..

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Steve Spurrier aka S Double 4 the hip crowd, stated that during practice this morning Dotson complained of a burning sensation in his achilles and it was confirmed that he had indeed ruptured his achilles which is season ending.

So who do we turn to for the DE part of Dotson's game Powell?


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Originally posted by NavyDave

S Double just confirmed it on Sonny and George's sports segment that Dotson ruptured his achilles and is out for the season

This just sucks.

On the other hand, the team is starting to look ridiculously lucky. We've just signed Gardener as a bonus, and now he's critical. We still need depth, but suddenly Del Cowsette looks up to the job.

Earlier, we lost Cliff Russell, who was counted on to be a significant performer this year. What happens? Now we have six receivers who all look worthy of a roster spot.

Ramsey holds out and ruins his chance to be a major factor this year. Then Wuerffel pulls a Favre performance in his first game out. Ramsey becomes an afterthought.

This team is special.

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Well the team was looking at DE Maa Tanuvasa a couple of months ago. I believe he's still unsigned.

I say yeah we do it, because it puts some stability right back in the mix. How does this affect the cap and would he expect a comparible contract or would it be less???

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There isnt a salary cap hit because there wasnt a signing bonus, right?

Ladarius Jackson and our other raw rookie DE from Howard U will get plenty of chance to do Dotsons duties at RDE but are a little undersized for the rushing downs IMO and now Arp and Cowsette should be locks unless we gasp urp, :puke: try to sing Adams .

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Figures, we sign that fat ba$tard and he blows his heal! Lordie lordie!

Bill, Bill, Bill...you compassion is compelling.

laurent, you may have a point. It definately is cause to wonder.

Everyone was clammering about Jackson after the game, so we will all see how he can step up. Who else is out there to sign?



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