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My thought. If we win the next two games, we will win the division. Why, look at our schedule.

Nov. 13 @ Buccaneers 1:00pm ET

Nov. 20 vs. Raiders 1:00pm ET

Nov. 27 vs. Chargers 1:00pm ET

Dec. 4 @ Rams 4:05pm ET

Dec. 11 @ Cardinals 4:05pm ET

Dec. 18 vs. Cowboys 1:00pm ET

Dec. 24 vs. Giants 1:00pm ET

Jan. 1 @ Eagles 4:15pm ET

I believe the Bucs isn't a walk in the park, but we win. Griese is out and Rattay is beatable.

The next two are at home and we will win one of the two if not both.

The Rams have no DF. If there are no serious injuries on OF, we win the game.

The Cards. Sayu now more and they play us at home.

The Boys, well let's say they win.

The Giants. We sweep them at home.

The Eagles. They are fighting for their lives to get a wildcard and win the game.

We finish the season 11-5 and that, my friends is enough to win the division. My thoughs, now yours?

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You're going out with a Lamb? :laugh:

seriously, there isn't a team out there that we can't beat, unless we beat ourselves. Philly looked like crap today, Giants are stinking it up. We've already beat Dallas. The Bucs will roll over. As usual the AFC teams pose the challenge. IMO the Skins destiny is in thier hands.

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