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Ladies and Gentlemen....We have a very good football team


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The Cowboys couldn't do this against the 49ers! This is the hallmark of a good team. Beating the living snot out of the worst team in the league.

If we can keep the 45 point deficit, it will tie the biggest margin of victory record in team history.

I'm already drooling thinking about my Papa Johns pizza tomorrow......

Gibbs teams get better and better as the year goes on. Next week will be a big test. Especially since it's a division game.

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52 points-- I thought that was an f-in typo when I saw it. How in the world without Peyton does any time get 52 points.. Thats just not right on so many level...

I wish my team had Mark Brunell

Get ready to get your BE-hind handed to you by the Bears at 4!!!!

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Clearly. We'll have none of this optimistic stuff here bub. This is Extreme and we're realists around here damnit. ;)

I apologize...I will immediately stop celebrating and realize just how lucky we were and just how much we do in fact suck....

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