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Oh BOY another remake! CREEPSHOW!!


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CREEPSHOW without meteor sh!t? The dreaded remake strikes again!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Now, I love the original CREEPSHOW. I even love the sequel (THE RAFT in particular). I don't have much of a problem of a remake, especially if its in name only considering that the anthology structure has been around long before CREEPSHOW (That '70s TALES FROM THE CRYPT movie and I also have a vague memory of a Peter Cushing movie that takes place on a train that was told in episodic fashion like that... Speaking of Cushing, wasn't ASYLUM in that vein?)

The Warner Bros remake is supposedly going to be more like GO, where the 3 stories intersect with each other, not stand alone. I do have to say that if you call it CREEPSHOW it has to keep the EC tone and feel even if it has completely new stories. What do you folks think?


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