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KFFL Strong, Weak Fantasy Plays: Love for Brunell, but none for our run defense


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Mark Brunell, Washington Redskins vs. San Francisco 49ers

Brunell certainly has a lot more zip on his throws this year, which has paid off for Redskins fans and fantasy owners. For those waiting for a meltdown from the 35-year-old quarterback, take a look at his numbers from the past four weeks (three games): 293 yards, 2.33 TDs and 0.33 INTs per game passing. His completion rate of 57.7 percent is hardly affecting his totals.

At the very least, don't expect Brunell to slow down in Week 7. The 49ers are coming off a Bye week; to opposing quarterbacks they've given up 334 yards, 1.67 TDs and 1.33 INTs passing per game. The position has completed 68.7 percent of its passes and run for another score in that time. That's a San Francisco treat for Brunell owners.

[NOTE: They don't list Moss as a strong play for WR despite the fact that he's up against second year corner Shawntae Spencer. They did list him last week along with Brunell. Why they don't list him this week is beyond me.]


Kevan Barlow, San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins

Most expected the Redskins to be stout against the run, but in recent weeks, that hasn't been the case. In the last four weeks (three games), they have faced some teams (the Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs) with very potent rushing attacks, so the numbers could be misleading. Nevertheless, in that time they've allowed 112 rushing yards, 45 receiving yards and 1.67 TDs per game to opposing backs.

That could be just what Barlow needs, because the young man has not found paydirt anytime recently. In the past four weeks (he's coming off a Bye), Barlow has piled up 70 rushing yards and 22 receiving yards per game, but that goose egg in the touchdown column is not exactly encouraging.

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This is why I can't stand the "experts". I swear, 95% of the people out there who predict games of give fantasy analysis don't even watch the games, they just watch sportscenter highlights. Besides the 4-5 big runs we've held backs to below 3 yards a carry. What in the name of evrything holy makes them think that Barlow will be able to break the line of scrimmage let alone a big run. He's not even close to Tatum Bell caliber and don't think we even need to talk about comparing him to Priest or Alexander. Beside, Seattle, Denver and KC have three of the best running backs, overall running games and run blocking offensive lines. I give Barlow 46 yards, 1.9 per carry. Experts....my a** they're experts.

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