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The NFC's Return to Prominence

Khun Kao

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Many of us will fondly remember the years from 1985-1997 as the glory years for the NFC. The NFC won 12 straight Super Bowl titles. Since 1997, however, the NFC has only won 2 more. The AFC is currently the powerhouse division, though not quite as dominant as their NFC rivals were a decade ago.....

This got me to thinking. The NFC was the best conference in football during the years that the NFC East was the best division in the league....

-fast forward to present time-

The NFC East is in the midst of a rebirth. Our division is arguably the best division in the league again. Not only are all the teams above .500, but we're each extremely competitive. There is no truly 'weak' team amongst us. (except the Cowboys, which are weak by virtue of even being Cowboys)

The fate of the NFC hinges upon the success of the NFC East!!!!

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I don't know......despite the apparent strength of our individual division this particular year, I'd still put the AFC as the better conference right now. If you look at many of the power rankings (for what they are worth), the majority of the top 10 teams are probably AFC teams. The Skins have beaten the division leaders in two of the NFC divisions, and Tampa Bay is now a big question mark with Griese down. The AFC East looks a little questionable but at least it includes the SB Champs......the NFC North, by contrast, is an absolute joke. If we wind up having a better record at the end of the season than the North div winner but still miss out on the playoffs I'm gonna be pissed!! :mad:

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I would even hold off on the NFC East. Here is why:

1. I am going to be even critical of the Giants. Eli Manning is still the rest of this season away. He has a lot of learning and growing to do and it will take the remainder of this season and maybe even the beginning of next before he becomes the pro bowl QB I hope he is going to become. The Giants have defensive secondary concerns. Not only with Petersen possibly having a career ending back problem, but Will Allen may not be back next year. Brent Alexander is old and needs to be replaced.

2. While Brunell is playing well now, how much longer can he play? The Redskins need to find their QB of the future and do it soon. Sure, they have Campbell but you know nothing about this guy on a pro level. The defense has been giving up a bit more points than last year. Why that is? I don't know but maybe injury has something to do with it.

3. The Cowboys are actually old at the QB and WR position on offense. So while they should be good offensively this year and next, there could be a downward spiral in the next two years or so for them. Their defense seems to be set for a while so I don't see that as an issue. But, how much longer will Parcells be there?

4. The Eagles while playing great the last four years just seem to not be able to get it done. They do have T.O. but who knows what will happen with that after this season if the Eagles still refuse to redo his contract.

While the NFC East appears to be back and heading in the right direction, there are still some things to consider when saying they are the NFC Beat again. At least if you are thinking long term.

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I'm realizing that I didn't post exactly what I meant.....

What I should have done is point out that I realize that THIS isn't the year. The NFC East is just starting to move back in the right direction. This is the year that the NFC starts regaining its leg. Over the next two seasons is when the NFC East will start to lead the pack (the rest of the NFC) back to prominence.

Think about it a minute.... I really believe that one of the critical factors in why the NFC was so dominant for so many years was because the NFC East was so powerful. Any team wanting a shot at the glory had to go through our division first. This is also one of the reasons why during the 80's and 90's, so many Super Bowls featured an NFC East team.

Right now, the NFC East is just beginning to reassert itself as the premier division in the NFL, but we can't quite claim that mark of distinction.... YET! But I really think, barring key injuries, that at the end of this season the NFC East will have been one of the best, if not THE best, division in football.

With our teams toughening themselves up against one another, the rest of the NFC is going to have to start addressing their team based upon what the teams in our division are doing if they want a shot at the title.

You guys with me on this?

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