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It is my fault the Redskins lost


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I would like to take full responsibility for the Redskins losses the past two weeks. I have been seeing this girl for the past two weekends, both happen to be on the weekends that the Redskins have lost. I did no go out with her the 3 weeks prior when the Redskins won. :doh:

We are suppose to go out on Saturday Night and if the Redskins lose to the 49ers on Sunday I will have to break it off with her, yes no sacrifice is too much for the success of our beloved Redskins. :D

Note: this post is meant to be a joke, not the girl part but the breaking it off with her. ;)

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I think you need to get your priorities straight if it's only a joke.

Yep, it is only meant to be a joke, thought we needed a little break from the "Will LaVar Play" and "Will 49ers upset us" Threads.

I would not break things off with this girl if the Redskins lose again.

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Given the fact that our 'Skins have the potential to be GREAT:

What I would do (for the betterment of the Redskins) is take a sabattical from the relationship until after the season. If she was an understanding person, she would understand.

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