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5000th Post- Ring of Fame Baby!!!!!!

Walking Deadman

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Dear ES members,

When we hit 5,000 we get to go in the ROF and thus have a post where we seem to say whatever we want, I liked Spiff's "Babe" post, but mine is a thank you thread and highlight moments here for me.

First a bit about myself:

I grew up in Va during the Redskins years of Joe Gibbs but never saw Gibbs' first two SB apps. and my family actually like the Chargers at the time. Me, I was just getting into football and started watching players like Walter Payton, Mike Singletary, Joe Morris, Dan Marino, Joe Montana and the Redskins. One guy stood out though, this guy seemed to love football and need it as much as the air itself. His name was Dexter Manley. Dexter played with such speed, power and heart that I wanted to play just like him and I did on the sand-lot fields of Springfield VA. This combined with the Redskins atmosphere in VA and the great players like Butz, Coleman, Williams,Monk and Green and of course Gibbs oh and 2 more SB championships. Thus, I became a Die Hard Skins fan for life hoping one day I could be at the games rooting for my favorite team.

I found ES in 2004 thanks to the occasionally hated PFT website. Mike Florio had posted BANG's "Going Poston" cartoon and I found ES while looking at the archives. I registered in 2004 and posted for the 1st time in July of that year....and 5000 posts later (and over a year) here I am. Now after waiting 5+ years I have season tickets and have upgraded to my current home in Section 403.....here to fire up my fellow ESers and make the home filed called FedEx similar to what I remember watching RFK like when I was a kid (sadly without the stands shaking :( ).

Now to the highlights: Some of my favorite moments:

1. Devastatin Dave:


What has to be the silliest song and an even sillier 80's album cover.....I can't get enough of Dave the Turntable Slave and his "Say No to Drugs" song.

2. Why we'll beat/OWNED threads:

Nothing is funnier than these. Bubba, Kevin B. unsonny and others have made me laugh time and again with these, especially when we play the Cowboys and the Iggles. (Man does it make the trolls and our opponents fans mad).

3. Free Tickets:

I like to help others and instead of selling my tickets, I've given them away on 2 occasions. It was fun to know that people who just like me want to see the Skins live (and nothing beats seeing them live at least once.....seriously you got to see the game live, you miss so much at home) and got the chance. The Steve and thebeast36 got to see a game. And keep your eyes open in December......I may have a early Christmas present for a lucky ESer as I may not be able to go to the Giants game (work again :mad: ) on X-mas eve.

4. Ticket upgrades:

Thanks primarily to Pez and Huly's thread about ticket upgrades....I got moved to Section 403 and moved down so I don't get a heartattack every time I have to take a leak or get a soda. Plus, I got to meet fellow ESer jwebst1.....403 rocks and Section 403 will own the 49ers on Sunday.

5. You my fellow ESers:

I have had a frustrating last 2 years.....hard job and other things and other than my wife, you guys and Redskin football have kept my spirts up, I can't think of any specific threads.....but it's nice to talk football with most of you and laugh at/shut down trolls and even argue with respected opponents (heck, I even lost a sig. bet with WB36 and won one with Tom in '04).

So thank you all.....I will continue to try to add something to the community with a little knowlege, a little silliness, alot of smartass wit and a ton of heart.

My Thank You's:

Mike Florio: For profootballtalk.com and for helping me find Bang and ES

Bang: For your crazy toons and especially for "Season of Passage"-- At least we got there :laugh:

The (former) Owners (Blade, OM, Die Hard): for creating and running a great site that allows us to voice our opinions within reason and talk some football.

The Mods: Art, Tarhog, Henry, TK- for running a ship of 40,000 crazed fans and keeping control and adding your 2 cents in the process. Keep up the good work fellas, it is a pleasure chatting with you.

bubba: Breaking news and "why we'll beat" threads.....nuff said.

Glad you're doing ok.

PCS: Thank you again for the heartfelt post about this site. Great Posts, especially the movie quotes.

Clinton Portis (the real #26): for answering my question from Art and giving a heartfelt response. This guy is really a "core" Redskin.....a leader and a prankster.

The Redskins- without you there wouldn't be an ES and the drama that ensues here. The 2005 team reminds me of the teams of Joe Gibbs 1 and I hope we make the playoffs this year.

The Respected Opponents (HeHateMe, THEHEREAFTER, WB36, phanatic, Tom, #5, Blue Talon): It's great to hear another fans view without the "our team is better than yours" everytime (although it usually gets doen to that anyway). In many cases, I can't stand Eagles and Cowboy fans but I do enjoy discussing (and arguing ;) ) with you guys........

My fellow Redskin ESers:

It's good to know that so many Skins fans exist and I get to talk football with you. There is something great going on with the Redskins and we are a part of it. The 12th Man is back, FedEx may one day be like RFK and I'm glad to be a part of it here.

Special thanks to: zoony, jwebst1, Spiff, iheart, Kevin B., CHUBAKAH, Zeb, Skinsfinatic, Bufford, CowboyzSuckAzz, code, chomerics,CLiNTON PORTiS, portisizzle, Ron Jeremy, Monkeyskin, DTC, Halter, Blondie, flexxskins, goldenster,jrockster, Pez, Huly, TheSteve, thebeast36, Johnny Punani (Redskins Nation!!!!!), turtle,GSF, Renegade 7, Orangeskin, redman, unsonny, sonnyrules......sorry can't think of anybody else (there are 40,000 of you-- y'know!!!!! :silly: )

Thanks again,

Your pal--- goskins

"Hail to the King, Baby"

-Ash (Bruce Campbell) Army of Darkness

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