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Strangest Encounter with a Celebrity


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Mine happened today. I work for Modell's Sporting Goods at Arundel Mills Mall and today, had the pleasure of ringing up Kenny Rogers. The Gambler (not the camera/man puncher). I didn't recognize him at first since I was more concerned at doing my task and got the sneaking suspiscion that he wasn't some regular joe, and seeing his credit card proved it. I told him to have a good show tonight (not trying to attract attention or anything) and off he went. Pretty funny overall.

So what celebs have you all met? Anybody have a story to share?

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I've had alot of encounters with celebrities here in town, ( Sundance not withstanding), and overall they have been uneventful. From just saying hello to Patrick Wayne and Henry Winkler to in depth conversations with Dennis Franze, Barry Corbin and a few other actors and actresses whose name I can't remember right now. Secret is to treat them like anyone else, because really, that's what they really are. One thing is for certain, they sure are shorter in person. ;) ( Except Costner. He was much taller than I expected. Good guy though and tipped well).

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Former Terp Joe Smith was in 30th Street Station in Philly as I was saying goodbye to my uncle who was going to the airport on the train.

All 6-9/10 of him standing there and I looked more closely and I knew it was him. He was in to work out and interview with the Sixers pre-draft. Didn't say much but just shook my head. He stuck out like a sore thumb.

Ok, he's not a "celeb" but it wasn't a fan experience day or anything like that, so I thought it counted.

Saw Rod Payne, former center for the Wolverines(football center,) in the computer lab and spoke to him for several minutes. I think he was glad someone recognized him.

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About 20 years ago, I was in D.C. visiting several Smithsonian museums. As I'm crossing the street, a man flanked by two catholic priests is walking towards me. As he passes me, I notice that it's Martin Sheen (Apocolypse Now, West Wing, etc.). Imagine how strange an image that was.

When I get home that night, I see on the news that Sheen was in town participating in a national rally for the homeless, organized by the local Catholic Diocese. That explained the priests, but it was still a weird encounter.

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hahaha nuff said....

me and my cousins were walking after the first day of training camp....and a black sedan drives by...and we see it is gibbs...we stream and yelll...but coy drives off....but its gibbs...we saw him pretty close from inside his car...then he turns around...gets out and signs autographs.....and there i am behind him cheesin like a lil kid!!!

14643918716173l.jpg :eaglesuck :gaintsuck :dallasuck :dallasuck :dallasuck :dallasuck :dallasuck

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If you count athletes as celebrities, then I've met a ton of them, many of them Redskins. I've met Mark Rypien, Doug Williams, Billy Kilmer, Charley Taylor, Dexter Manley, Charles Mann, Joe Jacoby, Trent Green, Darrell Green, etc. etc. too many to recall.

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When I was in Hawaii back in 1987, I was walking along Waikki Beach one morning, and I see this man jogging down the beach coming right at me.

As he got closer, I noticed that the guy looked familiar.

He then jogged right up close to me, then stopped and started enjoying the ocean view for a moment.

It was Chuck Norris.

I said "Hey" and he said "Hi."

No one around us even knew who he was, and I didn't make a sheen so no one would find out either.

I said "Great view" and he looked around at all the women sunbathing and walking down the beach and said "sure is."

We both laughed and he then said "have a great day" and I said " how can you not have a great day in Hawaii."

He said "your right" and off he went jogging down the beach.

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I worked for a supermarket called Ukrop's in Midlothian when I was in high school. One day as I was bagging groceries, I look up and there in line is Gordon Jump. Mr. Carlson from WRKP. Seems his brother lived in Brandermill and he was there for a visit.

Cool, I live off 360 near Brandermill. Are you talking about the Ukrops across from Chesterfield Town Center? What high school did you go to?

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Had Kenny Chesney brush by me at a Chili Cookoff at Tanglewood, NC. This was about a year before he made it big. The guy had on a huge Stetson and was pretty funny looking seeing he was only about 5'4"- maybe 5'6" tall.

I thought...damn, Chesney's shrimp!! :laugh:

Met NASCAR driver Bill Elliott in the garage area of North Wilkesboro Speedway some years ago. Very shy person,very soft spoken.

Met Coach Gibbs that same day, was everything I thought he'd be...very fan friendly/personable.

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I went to school with a few, RFK jr., Barbara Bullock, and Katie Couric. Worked with Williard Scott in a photo shoot, on a project that I built. Talked to Col. Oliver North (at price club). Met Frank "Hondo" Howard (1st Base Washington Senators) after a Tampabay Devilrays game, a coach at the time. Got to be an "extra" for a week in the Hulk Hogan movie, "Thunder in Paradise" filmed on St. Pete beach.

Met John Larroquette ( "Dan Fielding" night court) at a social party in Palos Verdes CA, talked to him for 30 minutes, told me about his growing up in New Orleans, raised by his uncles because his parents had died. Nice guy. Sat next to Merradith Baxter (family ties) on a flight to LA. I had that feeling like I knew her, but didn't figure out exactly who she was until I saw the tag on her limo. But here's a few funny stories.

When I was 18, I worked for the Autopen co. making the signatures for the autopen machine. Every President has used one since 1940. I made sigs for Jimmy Carter, Tip O'Neil..... and one for the Allan Alda movie "the seduction of senator Joe Tynen". So one day, while the family that owned the bussiness was out to lunch, and the phone rang.

When I answered the call, the man, who sounded very familiar, asked for the owner, I told him the owner was at lunch. He asked for the owners son, I told him, he was with his father at lunch. He asked for another person, who was also at lunch. At this point the man got frustrated and exclaimed "What in the hell is going ON over there". In absolute horror I realized I was talking to JOHN WAYNE! He had bought one of the autopen machines. Of course I said, "sorry mr. Wayne, they should be back from lunch in 15 minutes", then he just chuckled, and said "that's ok son have them call me when they get in". I wanted to talk more but was so shaken

I couldn't say anything but goodbye. Damn!

The next year, I working in DC as a motorcycle courier. This job was great,

I got paid to ride my bike (1972 Kaw-H2 750). The pay was by commision

so the faster you worked the more you got paid. So I ran in and out of buildings all day, the Capitol, the Pentagon, the White house, Senate and House office buildings, which included crashing into elevators when the doors were closing by sticking my arm in at the last minute.

So I'm runnig through the lobby of the Sheraton Wahington, on 15th st. across the street from the US Treasurery building, and I saw the evevator doors closing. As usuall I stuck my arm in between the doors and when they opened there was William Shatner red as a beet screaming at his Wife (the one that later drowned? :whoknows:). Now I'm in the elevator embarassed as hell. Of course I was a huge Star Trek fan,

and I couldn't say a word, cause he was so pissed. Damn!

In 1990 I was in Hermosa Beach CA, at a morning seminar. Afterwards,

I was talking to nice middle aged African American Man, who was wearing a Dodger baseball jacket. I asked him where's a good place to eat lunch,

and he invited me to join him. When we walked out to his car, three teenage boys were waiting for him, he popped open his trunk, signed 3 baseballs for them and we left.

Well I dying at this point, because I didn't know who he was, and I was trying to figure out what to say. So I appologized and said "I'm a fan of baseball, but not very knowledgable about the players..." Right then he

slammed on the brakes of his Lincoln, and said "GET OUT!" Then he laughed, told me he was Maury Wills, and we went on to lunch.

Later that day I was telling my friend (huge Dodger fan) about it, and he

yelled, "You Idiot, Maury Wills had 7 stolen base titles, and a league record (96 SB, since broken) and 3 World Series Championships".

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Back in 1981 or so, Bruce Springsteen played four shows at the old Capital Centre.. I had tickets to two of the shows, and on the day of the last show, i decided i really wanted to go again.

i didn't have a car, and most of my friends weren't Springsteen fans. Tickets were sold out, but i didn't care, i had about 80 bucks (more than enough back then) and so I walked from Crofton to the Cap Centre. Started out early and got there around 3 PM.

I walked around looking for a scalper, but not looking too hard, I must admit. I saw this van parked off by itself in the back lot, so i went towards it, hoping whoever was inside could sell me a ticket or a joint.

I got about twenty feet away, and inside was Bruce himself. The driver must have decided I was too close, so they sped off, but Bruce smiled and waved. I hollered for a ticket, but no such luck.

Later on I wanderd by the box office, and saw a line. I asked, and found out Bruce had released more tickets, and I got in the show.

#2.. back in 85 or so i was an electrician on the Washington Harbor complex. While still undr construction, one floor was completed first and opened, and a bunch of offices moved in. One of them was the attorney for then Houston Rocket and former Va. Cavalier Ralph Sampson. (For those who don't recall, Ralph was like 7'6")

I was hauling a load of light fixtures when I kicked open a door and shoved thru and literally ran smack into him. My nose hit him in solar plexus. I looked up and there he was. This was right after the rockets and Celtics had played for the title, and Ralph had been involved in several on-court fights... I was hoping he wouldn't hit me, then he apologized for being in my way and walked off.

In the same building a few months later I was working in one of thhe penthouse suites, marking heights for switches. (In this building the switches were set at such a height that the person using them would scarcely have to lift their arm,, so they were only about 3 feet off the floor. Well, in walks the sales reps ith the new owner, and it's none other than freshly drafted Patrick Ewing. (Now, I should say this,, I am a Villanova fan, and have been since I was a little kid. This was a few months after my beloved wildcats thrashed Georgetown for the title.)

Anyway, I ignored ewing, he's looking over his new condo and doesn't need to be bothered by me, I figured. then I noticed him standing beside one of my switch marks, and it barely came up over his knee. So, I politely interrupted and asked him if he would rather I raise it up a bit, and he agreed. So, I had him stand by one of the studs and measured from the floor to his fingers to reset my switches to meet his needs.

while I'm doing it, another guy in there asked me rather loudly if I was going to tell Patrick I was a Villanova fan. I kind of laughed that nervous laugh.. and he smiled and asked me if I was going to set the switches to shock him.. I said, No, no need for that, my Wildcats already juiced him enough.

He laughed, but I think he would rather have kicked me in the pants :laugh:


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Had the pleasure of meeting alot of celebrities. I worked for a marketing company that was hired by American Airlines and I would see alot of these people on the Airport. The funniest would have to be in Miami on vacation.

I was sitting with my boys at THE CLEVELANDER. The place was packed, women everywhere and we were drinking pretty heavy. One of my friends left are table to talk to these girls. So it was me and my boy David. So David tells me he has to go to the bathroom and to watch his camera. As he leaves a girl and her friends come up to me, start talking and ask me to dance. So I leave the table.

My boy David comes back after his long journey to the bathroom and there are 3 dudes sitting at our table and his camera isn't there. So Dave starts asking these guys where his camera is? When they tell him they don't know, he accuses them of stealing it and starts yelling. I walk over and notice that the dudes he think stole his camera is STEPHON MARBURY, SAM CASSELL, and some other dude.

At this point Dave is heated and getting the bouncers. I am trying to tell him who they are but he is screaming over me and he was so gone I don't think he was comprehending what I was saying.

SOOO the cops come to the front of the bar and Dave tries to have them arrest Marbury and Cassell. He is screaming telling the cops how important the camera is to him and wants the cops to frisk these guys. The cop asks him how much the camera was and what did it look like? So he tells the cop it's a green disposible that cost around $14. The cop is shocked and Marbury and Cassell can't believe it. They think their on punked or something.

Finally my other friend comes back from talking to these girls, because he saw the comotion with us involved, and he had the camera. See he had taken it when I had left the table.

It was hilarious and we were so imbarrassed I wouldn't even talk to Stephon or Sam when it was done.

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Well, if it's strange you are looking for, I'm your man :D

I've mentioned on here once or twice before about the time I stole Joe Theismann's Coke. My dad and I went to a Skins-Pats preseason game (early 80's) at Foxboro Stadium. After the game we were walking back to the car when the Redskin players started coming out to their bus. I started getting autographs of several players (Riggins was my big prize by this point)...then Joe comes out drinking a can of Coke....

...and in a moment reminiscent of the Mean Joe Greene commercial :laugh: he says "Here Kid, hold my soda" as I asked for his autograph. Nice, ice cold can. Then the thought enters my mind - this Coke can would make a nice souveneir. So, after he hands me back the autograph...I took off running with his Coke :laugh: . Still have it today.....with his autograph taped to it.

Then there was the time I bumped into Suzy Kolber and Merrill Hoge at Super Bowl 34. My brother and I were inside the building hosting the NFL Experience. I was walking to one of the attractions and looking around...not paying attention to where I was going...when BAM! I collided with Suzy Kolber. She is short...and so is Merrill...much smaller than I thought.

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When I was 14 and living in Chile, our little international school hosted Gen. Augusto Pinochet's daughter at a school play. Not quite sure to this day why she was there, but she was, entourage and all.

In the hours between the last class and the performance, my best friend and I decided that would be a good time to go to his house, break into his Dad's liquor cabinet, and sample some stuff.

So we did.

Dab of Drambui here, quaff of Cointreau there, giggly sips of pretty much anything else we could find everywhere.

Went back to the school, shall we say ... loose. Ready to do some serious acting.

When we arrived, the principal, who for some reason thought I was a neat kid, tracked me down, pleased as punch to say he'd chosen me to make a small welcoming speech and present Ms. Pinochet with a token gift.

At some point, he noticed my breath was a little gamey.

Long story short ... I ended up standing in front of about 100 people, including parents, U.S. Embassy reps and the Dictator’s daughter, with breath smelling of soap, ears ringing with invective not usually directed at teenagers by otherwise responsible adults, making a rather foreshortened speech in quite probably slurred Spanish, and kissing Ms. Pinochet on the cheek in fine Latin fashion as I presented the gift.

Give the lady credit. If she could tell I was in another world, she never let on.

Good times.

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It was this past August, I was in the parking lot outside of the Ravens stadium. I was sitting near our tailgate when I saw two guys strolling across the parking lot....I recognized one and caught eye contact with him and waved....and

it was....

TARHOG! and DIE HARD! it doesn't get much more famous than that!

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Ha! So stupid I have to share...

When I was in high school I went to see Def Leppard at Giants Stadium and met a couple of girls who asked me if I wanted to smoke a little weed.gif.... I was a paranoid little bugger so I made them get in a porta-jon to do it.

While we were in there lighting up, someone knocked.... I opened the door ala Jeff Spicolly van style and who is standing there in leather pants?

The star of the huge hit movie Johnny B Good... Anthony Michael Hall! We were laughing so hard at his leather pants that he got pissed. Then he asked to join us! We had a blast with 4 of us in the freaking porta-jon! Oh those were the days!


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My wife is a freelance TV producer, and has worked on some interesting local shows for Maryland Public TV and some other projects. She did a shoot with Charles Dutton ("Roc") at his summer home here in Baltimore--of course I tagged along as Key Grip Boy. Dutton was really cool, down to earth, and very opinionated about the state of Black Television.

I dunno if Mike Wilbon/PTI counts as a celebrity, but a friend of mine had a going away party a couple weeks ago and I got to meet Wilbon and take a pic with him. He was also real down to earth and we talked about sports journalism for awhile.

I was at a club on U Street in DC back in the early 90s and BBD--Bell, Biv, Devoe came through. I wasn't much of a New Edition fan, but it was interesting to see them in person. They were a lot shorter than I'd figured.

My parents flew back (from an Alaska cruise) by way of Seattle, and Juan Dixon was in the seat right behind them. Dad said he was much more approachable than he'd thought, and it was odd that he was just flying by himself, no entourage. He got a nice on-plane pic with him.

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I met Coach Gibbs at a church youth rally that he spoke at back in the late 80's. I got his autograph and thanked him for coming. He thanked me for being there and that was that.

Gov. Warner and Tim Kane walked right past me at the VA state fair a few weeks ago. He was more interested in a lady with a couple of kids than my wife and I since he had a camera crew following him.

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