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Oct 21: Carlos Rogers


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Carlos Rogers Chat, Oct. 19, 2005

From Art

Something I heard from people with the team that we have to start with. You are replacing Fred Smoot. Do you really think you can ever fully replace his popularity among the female fan? I hear you’re quite the ladies man.

Carlos Rogers:

(laughs) You know, I can’t say that. I can’t say I can catch up with him as far as females. That’s not how I’m looking at things. I’m just trying to come in and help the team the best way. I’m just another corner come in to help the team, that’s why they drafted me with the 9th pick.

From LiveStrongSkins

Very simple question. Why were you the best CB chosen in the draft?

Carlos Rogers:

I think I’m an all-around corner. I love the physical part of the game, coming up and hitting. I hate when they consider me just a ‘cover corner’, one that’s out there on an island by himself. I don’t like that because when there’s a run, I like to come up and get some licks in. I think I’m looked at more as an all-around corner and have a great upside in my future.

From Todd

How would you compare the atmosphere and fanfare at a FedEx Field home game to a big game at Auburn or another big SEC stadium?

Carlos Rogers:

I think it’s a lot alike. In college, we had a pretty big stadium. And fans in a town like that, that’s all they think about is Auburn. We’d have fans there for 1 o’clock games there at 8 o’clock in the morning getting drunk. So I think it’s a lot like college, you know you can always get that college atmosphere, how crazed your fans are, walking through the Tiger Walk before the game. I think around here in DC they pay a lot of attention to the Redskins. This is one city where they really love the Redskins.

From Darth Gibbs

What is it like to play for Gregg Williams? Is he much different from other defensive coordinators? The way you guys play is a step above most teams. Nice hit on Jerome Bettis in the preseason! You've really stepped it up this year. Keep it up.

Carlos Rogers:

He’s a very demanding coach. He wants the best for all his players. The thing I like about him is there are no favorites. You know, you’re going to have players that you let get away with things a little more, because they have a little more experience at a certain position, or they’ve been through the battles. But you know, playing for him as a rookie, its something that’s very challenging because he demands so much of you, he doesn’t cut you any slack at all. Once you get your first game in, you’re not a rookie anymore in his eyes. And you’ve got to be upbeat with everybody else. He compares a lot with my defensive coordinator Gene Chizik, he’s at Texas right now. He demanded a lot too. He’s one of those guys that works real hard and likes tough, physical guys and I think he and Gregg Williams compare a lot.

From Chapelle

People have indicated that Gregg Williams' defense is very structured and regimented. Do you think that his defensive philosophy is taking away from the 'Skins ability to create turnovers on defense?

Carlos Rogers:

I don’t think his philosophy’s taking away from us creating turnovers because the years he’s been here, and the years he was with other teams, they created turnovers. I think it’s within the players. We got to make it our demand that we just get those turnovers. And when the balls loose, we try to hit people and need to get that aggressive attitude that we wanna take their heads off. At the same time, when a players running with the ball loose, we need to be trying to secure the tackle and also get our hands on the ball.

From Diablo23

Looking at the past Cornerbacks to play here in Washington, does it add any pressure on you to play up to that level of those former greats?

Carlos Rogers:

No, I don’t think it adds pressure. There’s a lot that people want to see, a lot that people want me to be – as good a corner as they are. With me coming in as a rookie, it’s going to take time for me to live up to those standards. Champ and guys like that, that’ve been in the league for a while, its going to take time to live up to that standard. But that’s my challenge, to be one of the corners looked at here as one of the great corners. Whenever I leave the Redskins, or if I retire from here, I want to be looked at as one of the great corners such as those guys.

From georgiaredskin

Thank you for choosing to be a Redskin. You are truly AUsome. Please tell us, what types of things have you learned from Shawn Springs since you've been here that have helped you on the NFL field vs. Auburn? War Eagle and keep it up!

Carlos Rogers:

Shawn’s taught me a lot of things. As far as business, he’s helped me understand that this is a business. It’s a league of production. You’re going to have to produce, you’re going to have to study film, you’re going to have to know your opponent. I think that’s one of the things that gets a lot of the older guys through the league. When they see certain formations, they already know what to expect, what type of route. With me, I’m kind of playing on instinct, going through my progressions, reading the quarterback, reading the receivers. They’ll be ready to spy. That’s one thing he helps me out a lot with, just working on my technique, and studying film. That’s going to take me a long way.

From extremeskins

As a young player still learning, you may not know everything you need to know. So, this question I ask is the most important I can put to you and will define how many view your growing process as a young player…gas or charcoal?

Carlos Rogers:

(laughs) Gas or charcoal? (laughs) Did you say gas or charcoal?. I would say charcoal.


You have huge potential to be legendary at Washington, what has been your single most difficult factor of the game in stepping up to NFL level?

Carlos Rogers:

I think, like I said, recognizing things. I think the most difficult thing probably for me is that so much time is devoted to studying film and you’ve got to be in your playbook. I studied film at Auburn and I was ahead of the game a lot more because of the level of play that I played at. But up here, I’m a rookie, I’m back to my freshman year and it takes a lot of studying. Studying not only while we’re up here, the 10 or 11 hours we’re up here at practice, the time that I’m at home. That’s taking a lot of my time by studying. So I think that was kind of different for me at first, but after going through, listening to the older guys, seeing that studying a lot like they do, I’ll continue to improve every week.

From DCCat

Anyway how's the adjustment been moving to DC. from the south? It was rough for me leaving DC. for Augusta....Have a great season man see you in GA this summer.

Carlos Rogers:

It’s kind of the same right now. I spend a lot of time in Atlanta. As far as going out and being in a city like that, DC is kind of the same. I think I’ll see a big adjustment when the weather starts to change. But right now, it’s kind of the same.

From tcfuller79

The speed of the game is always talked about, sometimes it seems that veteran wide receivers can blow by you, are you still adjusting, or is this speed of the game thing all hype??

Carlos Rogers:

I think it’s a little overrated. As far as for me and my experience so far, I think when you’re confused or having difficulty with the defenses or knowing what the offense is trying to do, it kind of slows you down because you’re thinking a lot. Once you’re out there and you know a lot, you know what’s going on and you know your defense, it kind of slows down because everything is out in front of you, you’re kind of expecting things before they’re happening. But it’s kind of overrated about the speed. I mean, everybody plays at a fast level. If you’re coming out of college and you play at a fast level, once you get up here you’re going to play at a fast level. If you continue to play at a slow level, everybody is trying to get better and working harder, you’re going to be slower than everyone else.

From norm5561

The guys on defense must be wondering also why a player like Lavar is not playing at all? Can you speak on this issue at all?

Carlos Rogers:

I think some guys wonder why he’s not playing. But we have no say-so with that. We don’t know what the coach is thinking or what Lavar is going through with the coaches. We stay out of that. We just continue to work hard and continue to try and get better on the field because we’ve got other things to worry about instead of worrying about an issue like that. One of the things that’s popping up now is people are saying the turnovers, so that’s one thing we’re trying to get this defense turned back around and on the path that we’ve been going. If we continue to worry about a player that the coach’s not playing, that’s not out there, that’s going to set us back even more. You know, we want Lavar out there, we hope he gets back out there and helps the team.

From 1ofDaFatBoys

What emotions went through your mind when you were first told that you would be making your first NFL start?

Carlos Rogers:

Umm…I was kind of ready. I wanted to come in and be a star. There wasn’t anything I was nervous about or anything like that. I was kind of up for the challenge. It kind of shocked me that people didn’t go after me like I thought they would. It wasn’t nothing that I was really excited about or nervous about.

From S-Rob15

Carlos, is there any one WR that you are looking forward to going up against?

Carlos Rogers:

Well, obviously I’ve been looking at Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens, and Randy Moss – those are some of the elite guys and standout guys in this league. You know, I’m looking forward to going up against those guys to kind of see where I’m at with myself. Guys like that, you can look back at the film and say ‘you should have done this, you should have done that’. Guys in the off-season, you can look back and study, and it will help you a lot in your game because they’re some of the great wide receivers in the game.


Carlos, Who do you think you best compare to as a cornerback in the NFL?

Carlos Rogers:

I was compared a lot to Champ Bailey when I was in college. My game hasn’t changed that much, so I think I’m probably considered more a Champ Bailey type corner. We’re about the same size, pretty good cover guys, and guys who like to come up and hit also.

From jasonpike00

welcome to the greatest franchise in sport...care to let us in on any pre-game rituals you have? either for practice or for luck?

Carlos Rogers:

I did in college. Right now, you know, I kind of just look over my plays before the game and try to go through in my mind what I’d like to see happen out there on the field for me. Other than that, I don’t really have a pre-game ritual that I go through right now.

From DaleCityMike

Has conditioning been a problem as a rookie in the NFL compared to college? Your speed and talent in the position is nothing short of blessed, but can you maintain the high level of excellence to the post season? Darrell Green used to run up and down a huge hill every day for years to keep in shape. What tricks have you learned by the staff to keep you in shape?

Carlos Rogers:

Not yet. I’m a guy that at Auburn I played everything and didn’t come off the field. I keep myself in pretty good shape and I think I’ve got a lot of energy out there on the field. I don’t usually get tired. I think you’ve just got to keep your body in shape by getting in the cold tub and things like that that are going to help you last, give you strength and help your body last through the rough and tough times.

From santanamoss89

carlos, youre my favorite player I’ve watched you play a lot at auburn and you were my favorite player then to. i wanted to know what’s your relationship with jason campbell?

Carlos Rogers:

(laughs at screen name santanamoss89 but favorite player being carlosrogers22) Me and Jason have a tight relationship. My house is not finished yet, so now I’m staying with Jason, so we’re more close. Me and Jason, we’ve been through the ups and downs, the battles at Auburn, and that made us strong in our friendship also, because we were considered the leaders of the team. And you know, being together coming up here going through rookie stuff together, that’s made us closer. I get kind of a little look at the offensive side of what the quarterbacks thinking also. And you know, hopefully, I get the opportunity to run a touchdown back for Santana Moss (laughs)

From STaylor21

I was wondering when growing up which Nfl player did you look up to and why? Also who is your favorite current player?

Carlos Rogers:

I looked up to Deion Sanders as a cornerback. Actually, I was more of a running back coming up, but I liked what Deion Sanders did in Dallas, his style of play being a shut-down corner and all that he did as far as cornerback, its self-explanatory, everyone knows. And right now, I’m kind of so busy trying to get myself together and get everything down with the Washington Redskins to have a favorite player right now. But I like Santana. He’s the one I’m excited to look at right now.

From mrm285

Originally it looked like you would be wearing 21, but when Sean Taylor decided to change numbers you went with 22 instead... How important is the number to you, and why did you decide on 22?

Carlos Rogers:

I wanted 21 because when Smoot left I just liked that number. But when Sean got the number, he’s an older guy so they’re going to have first choice of number. I wanted to stick with a number somewhere in the low twenties – 23, 24 – I like those numbers. But it wasn’t any big thing about the number. I didn’t think I’d look right in like 32 or any crazy numbers like that.

From Carlos Rogers

Closing Statement

Carlos Rogers:

I just hope you all continue to support me and all that we’re going through. We’re Skins for life right now and we’re going to try to get to the playoffs for all the fans.
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