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Sunday's Defense Sack


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What I think you might see is something we really haven't been able to see so far this year, a little more aggressive defense. Yes Gregg has still been his normal self in mixing it up, I have just felt like we are seeing less stunting and blitzing then we did last year. The injuries to Harris and Springs are reason for this, imho. Having the rookie in there (who I think is playing very well) and Jimoh (my stomach gets in knots when I see him on the field) has just limited the Redskins ability to be more aggressive in blitzing schemes. You haven't seen a safety blitz really (at least I haven't) much at all this year. Last year early on you had Bowen blitzing often, even Taylor later in the year. But this year has been different. I think Williams has had to hold his safeties back in coverage more, even the lb's. With the CB's healthier this weekend, I think you just might finally see Taylor coming thru that line at full speed. I would hate to be Alex Smith at that moment. As for that someone who hasn't played much, hopefully we will see him too, and put an end to all this garbage off the field

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