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From the San Francisco Chronicle

Wire Report

August 5, 2002

(AP) – San Francisco 49er Head Coach Maruicci was apparently miffed at Washington Redskins Defensive Coordinator Marvin Lewis after the two teams met in their season-opening exhibition in Osaka, Japan, for "not letting my team score or even move the darn ball after the first quarter." Mariucci reportedly found Lewis on the field after the game and told him that he'd "see him in six weeks."

After the game, Mariucii declined to elaborate on the exchange with Lewis, but did respond to a question about his teams' preseason philosophy. "I guess I just don't understand the mindset," Mariucci told reporters after the game. "To our way of thinking, running down the score in a preseason game is bush league. Our defensive philosophy in this kind of setting is to allow the other team to score as quickly and as often as possible, so that we can better assess our conditioning while sprinting down the field chasing their receivers, and of course get our offense back on the field for another 3 and out. And we really wanted to get some looks at our kickoff return unit, too. What [Marvin Lewis] was doing [fielding a competent defense] I guess, works for them, but it just isn't our way of doing things. Hey, we'll just see how it goes in Week 3."

Mariucci continued to speak on his feelings about the game, but by this point the entire corps of reporters had boarded the bus to return to the airport and the flight back to the United States. Unconfirmed reports have Len Pasquarelli, the last reporter to stop by the snack table on the way out of the press room, mumbling through a crueller, "brrmph mmumffl grryshn phhhssst (geez, already, dude. See you in six weeks."

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can somebody send Pooch a little burn soothing lotion, because his hiny is kind of sore.....

Preaseason games are to evaluate players and to practice and fine tune your plays and that's what SS did.

The O-Line was a ? mark, so he played them as much as he could; the WR corps were a ?? mark so he played them the best he could and finally the QB situation is a huge ??? mark, so he gave equal oportunities to Sage and Danny.

If coach Mooch wants to *****, let him, he don't have to prove that his system works, it does work, he's got 20 starters coming back from last year, so he didn't had to played them.

I don't see the big deal, he can play hard in 6 weeks and run up the score on us, but he can be damn sure that SS will try to light up the niners again and every other team too!!!

Pooch is a Whoozzz:jerkoff:

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man i'm tired of this sh!t... fu*k Mooch and fu*k the 49ers... i hope Spurrier scores 68 points in Week 3 instead of 38... this has got to be the biggest joke in football - stop playing defense so our team can score... WTF!!!! how bout u stop crying and STOP our offense... what a joke!!!! this is football - it's a sport - it's a game - and it has one objective - TO WIN... if San Fran would have won the game 38-7, this wouldn't even be in issue... before the game even started, people said the Skins offense wouldn't score any points... we got sh!t for that and we proved them all wrong... now when we do score points, we get criticized for that too... give me a break... everyone needs to stop crying and play football... i hope Spurrier laughs at Moochy and lights him up even worse the next game...

the only bad thing, unfortunately, is i think we'll be hearing this type of 'whining' a lot this season... coaches don't want to lose or be embarrassed by a '****y rookie coach' and it's gonna happen a lot... we'll see a lot of 'crying' from coaches this year and i'ma love every second of it..

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Nice, OM.

Now I knew it was, ahem, fake. But obviously some of the newbies didn't.

Shouldn't you warn the newer folks what can happen to someone who posts false information?

Or are you hoping to inspire someone to follow-up the "article" and find themselves in "new attire" suddenly one morning when they hop on?

Or are you secretly hoping to wear the leather and whip outfit yourself? :laugh:

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Whoa ... don't go there, bro. :no:

If anyone deserves a special icon pursuant to this thread, it's whoever might have bought it on any level, not the schmoe who wrote it. I mean, really. How anyone could have taken that fluff seriously is seriously beyond me.

Geez. You try to be entertaining ...

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Well I liked it. And I have no problem when you write the rest of them. :)

Just figured I'd yank your chain :) and point out you might inspire lesser talents to mimic your prose.

And since the newer members weren't aware of the possible consequences .............

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