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Howdy. Hello. Hi.

I need help .... I'm planning on taking a vacation in March with a few friends ... and we're in the whole brainstorming part of the preparations. Everyone wants to go to the Bahamas ... but I thought maybe Bermuda. I've heard decent things about the place and heard that it's not as expensive as other vacation spots.

Has anyone had any experience with Bermuda? Would you recommend it?

Thank you! :D

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It's a very nice place, but who ever told you it was inexpensive most be

wealthy. The Elbow Beach Resort is amonst the best, has a fantastic semi-private beach with real pink sand, reefs just of the beach for snorkling.

Rooms there run between $350-$900 a night. There aren't many name brand

hotels there, but for comparison a holiday inn quality room off the beach would still go for $200 a night.

Transportation on the island, for tourists, is limited to busses, cabs, and

scooters. Most people rent scooter, thier fun but the traffic runs the "wrong way" leftside like in the UK, so be carefull.

My wife and i did 5 days there and it was great!

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Bermuda is absolutely gorgeous. Dean is right about the reefs being right off the beach for snorkeling and if you do go the Bahamas ask to be taken to Horseshoe Bay. It is a beautiful beach and it has a cove that is surrounded by cliffs and you can actually go waist deep in the water and be surrounded by tropical fish.

But, if it's a party atmosphere your are looking for, than head to the Bahamas. But, if you want to kill two birds with one stone, take a cruise to the Bermuda. We did that and had the time of our lives.

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I've been to both. Have to say I enjoyed the Bahamas on Paradise Island more. Bermuda was too coupley(if that's a word) for me. I"ll give you my main Vaca Spots in the Carribean.

1. Jamaica - My boy is Jamaican and always takes us to the hot spots, but it's a pretty fun place anyway. You can go to either Negril or Montego Bay. Both are fun I like Negril better.

2. Dominican Republic - Love everything about it.

3. A cruise - Those all inclusive Cruises are the best. You can get a cruise that visits three locations in the Carribean or just one that sales to one location. I was shocked at how much fun we had.

4. Bahamas- Only Paradise Island though. You can stay on Paradise Island and go to all the clubs in Nassau by cab. Stay away from Freeport. (Warning) in the Bahamas Soda is more expensive then beer so expect to get pretty twisted.

All of these places I went with My friends and we had a great time at all of them.

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I'll be holding an ExtremeSkins party after I win the powerball tonight, so money will be no object.

I went to the Bahamas and though it sucked. We were in Freeport, I wasn't bad but wasn't for me.

Where did you stay at in Freeport? We stayed at the Xanadu and one of us had a Villa. We had a blast and partied with the natives and the old saying "What happens in the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas" applies. :D

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Let's change oceans for a minute. The wife and I went to Cabo last may,

that's Cabo San lucas, Baja California Sir, Mexico. "where the land ends and the party begins" is thier official moto!

Had a great time. Cabo is at the end of Baja Cal. where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortez. Cabo is a party town, but also is a safe and very relaxing place to be. Plenty of beaches, boating, fishing, scuba, shopping, eating, and bar hopping can be down without a car. Go to the famous "Cabo Wabo" Sammy Hagar's bar/nightclub/personal museum for


We stayed at an incredable Hotel called the Finisterra (end of the earth) here'a couple links



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Stay away from Bermuda... There's a triangle out there and crazy sh!t happens, aliens, sea monsters, intra dimensional vortexes, bad bad stuff..... :paranoid:

Classic... I have never been but I have some friends that have and they loved it exceptfor saying it was really spensive! :whoknows: Goodluck!

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