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Ahhh . . . some vindication (perhaps): Ramsey may get traded


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According to a reputable poster on another board, Mort supposedly was reporting that if the 'Skins can't reach a deal with Ramsey, they'll trade him to Da Bears . . .

For whom?

Don't know that.

But perhaps someone else who was watching can confirm.

If the report was true, my "insane" proposal a while back may not have been so "insane" after all.

As an addendum, yet another poster added that the Bears were monitoring the situation and that the rookie cap may make a trade difficult to pull off.

Someone . . . anyone . . . please confirm or deny . . .


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Non-sense, I wouldn't trade him within the conference, espescially not gift wrapped to the Bears who may very well have a playoff contender for the next couple of years.

If they offered a 1st, 2nd and 3rd maybe but I doubt they would be that stupid.

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Look, all Mort said was that a Redskins official has called Ramsey recently to tell him not to worry about anything he's been seeing because the team still loves him. He then said at least one team, the Bears, is watching the situation closely if recent talks break down. But, due to the salary cap and rules it would be a very difficult deal to make.

That's the whole of what was said.

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Dude, it sounds tempting now....but just think when Ramsey is about to be enshrined in the HOF....would you want to watch the ESPN coverage of him in a Bear jersey, or a Skins jersey? We already cut McCardell and Wychek etc etc....lets not make a REALLY big mistake.

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