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Looks like I'm gonna miss the season!


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Well boys (and Blondie),

Looks like I'll be missing all the excitement, at least of the Redskins variety.

I'm getting shipped off to SWA. First stop will be Kuwait and probably on to points farther east after that. The only bummer will be missing the ENTIRE season and half of the snowboarding season, especially after getting a load of our Skins last Saturday. I expect it will be one of the most exciting seasons we've had for quite awhile regardless of the final record.

I'm counting on ya' all and this board to keep me informed! So forgive me if I start asking very detailed questions once the season starts.

I'll be with ya in spirit!


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Thanks for the support guys.

Yeah fuji869, my friend just scored us spots in the Guinness Corporate box too!!

Whatever! Sometimes ya really have to be careful for what ya ask for!! :doh:

I'll see ya' all in the funny papers.

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D@mn Dude I feel 4 ya.

Sounds like you are heading to an area I frequented in 96-98 dont be suprised if you encounter some Seals on the Slopes with ya.

I'll be doing play by play as will several others as usual for the geographically challenged on Saturday for the remaining preseason games and since postage should be free (via Andrews AFB post office) in that area I should be able to send a few games to ya

Take care

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