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It looks like our offense is getting tired being on the field so much.


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Our offense looks tired at the end of these long drives. I know it's been years since we've won the time of possession battle. We either need to do more subsituting or something. The last three games the offense looks like it's getting tired. And having trouble running the ball up the defenses throat in the four quarter, when the opponets defense should be exhausted.

The defense needs to learn how to adjust to being on the sideline so much. It looks like it's messing with their rythym, doesn't it?


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LOL good post. All I can say is that the offense is better. Hey think about it. WE SCORED 21 POINTS FOR A CHANGE WITHOUT THE NEED FOR OVERTIME!! YAY. If we put a couple of pieces together on offense to help finish these drives. These domating games were putting up of late will result in wins.

That's part of what I'm talking about, they're not used to it. Not any of those players, as they get used to it. They'll destroy everyone. the offense is on the field 25% more than they're used. Don't just look at the time of possession, look at the play counts also.

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