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Why did we go with only 4 cb to start the season?


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Especially if you know that your starter from last year Smoot is lost to free agency. Which leaves you with last years nickle to start this year who is injury prone (Walt Harris). The other corner SS is as good as any corner in the league but, before he left he was called injury prone. So why go into the season with Jimoh and the rookie(Rogers) as your primary back ups?

I think we were banking on Shawn Springs having another injury free year which has come back to bite us. The same thing is happening to us in other posistions such as WR, and RB we only have 4 wr, granted no one else aside from MOSS is making plays but you have to look at people on the roster who are just wasting space, Hall, Arrington, Molinaro, possibly Ray Brown (who wont be with the team next year) Kozlowski. etc

i think we arent as deep at some posistions as we thought we were.

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if injuries hadnt happened...this thread would never have even been thought of. hopefully soon the kicking issue will be resolved (hall either comes back or goes on IR) and we free up a roster spot for antoher decent corner...say garnell wilds? what happened to him(i know he was cut) but i liked him....he played real well against MINN last year.

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