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Judging By The Season So Far.. What Will The 'skins Record Be?

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im thinking 12-4 .. there are only 2 real games cmn up that i think the skins are on the short end of the stick, the game at giants and vs san diego.. giants are lookin good but if the skins defense doesnt step it up.. i dont know.. and the chargers are always a threat, but in skins territory.. it can be anyone's game.. i think those are the only two threats.. we should be able to handle the nfc east judging from the skins dallas game, and the fact that mcnabb has a hernia that will only get worse. the giants are the only threat and they're only a threat in their field.. but if our defense plays well.. they can handle it..

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All I'm going to say is that before the season I felt 8-8 was realistic and that I would be happy with it. I now think that they are playing better than a .500 team. Our schedule pretty much gets easier at this point in my mind.

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12-4? wow...i like your confidence...but if we continue to lose the turnover battle by 2-3 every week we will end up 4-12...we have the tools...but i doubt we'll run over the entire nfc east without a loss...not realistic...san diego will be tough...and the rams at home? we will have to put up at least 25 to win that game...and we haven't done that yet...so i am looking at 10-6 personally...i want to say better but the turnover ratio is becoming such a glaring problem...if we improve there...i think 11-5 is possible...and yes i think 10-6 is a playoff spot...

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I think we will be no worse than 10-6. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see this team go 11-5, or 12-4. I think they have that kind of talent, but they HAVE to play up to their potential. The offense can't fumble away the games. All of our division games, will no doubt come down to the final seconds. Every team in our division this year is capable of winning the East. It's going to be a very interesting season.

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Let's see... yeah, that goes there, then carry the one :writing: ..... yep: 3-13. :fortune:


Seriously? Hmmmm:

Oct. 23 vs. 49ers 1:00pm ET W

Oct. 30 @ Giants 1:00pm ET L

Nov. 6 vs. Eagles 8:30pm ET W

Nov. 13 @ Buccaneers 1:00pm ET L

Nov. 20 vs. Raiders 1:00pm ET W

Nov. 27 vs. Chargers 1:00pm ET W

Dec. 4 @ Rams 4:05pm ET L

Dec. 11 @ Cardinals 4:05pm ET W

Dec. 18 vs. Cowboys 1:00pm ET W

Dec. 24 vs. Giants 1:00pm ET W

Jan. 1 @ Eagles 4:15pm ET L

So.... maybe 10-6?


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My preseason pick was 9-7, with a 3-2 start (I thought we'd lose to the Boys but beat Denver), so I'm sticking to it. What I really want is there to be playoff berths at stake for us in those games against the Giants and Cowboys on consecutive weeks in December in frigid conditions at FedEx.

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We would have to be extremely fortunate to win more than 10 games. All NFC East teams are playing well then we have to play the remainder of the AFC West which we are 0-2 to this point. Luckily, the next 2 against the AFC West are at home with our fans helping out. I can only hope that the Dec 18 games against the Cowboys game has huge implications on the playoffs or division title as I know the crowd will do all it can to get us the win(I'll be doing my part for sure).

I don't want to start another Lavar thread here but I believe that the three big TD's our D gave up the past two game would not have occurred if Lavar was in the game. He should be playing EVERY play on D and will only help us to not only becoming a top 5 D but THE TOP D.


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I see the Skins sweeping the Giants and the Cowboys, and not sure about the Eagles...so that's at least six wins. Three more should come from 49ers, Raiders and Cardinals. They might get a win against either the Bucs or the Rams, so I guess I'm thinking 10-6 or 11-5.

Oct. 23 vs. 49ers W

Oct. 30 @ Giants W

Nov. 6 vs. Eagles ?

Nov. 13 @ Buccaneers ?

Nov. 20 vs. Raiders W

Nov. 27 vs. Chargers L

Dec. 4 @ Rams ?

Dec. 11 @ Cardinals W

Dec. 18 vs. Cowboys W

Dec. 24 vs. Giants W

Jan. 1 @ Eagles ?

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