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I'm very concerned about our corner back situation this week.


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Ade Jimoh played decent last week. Yes, he did get beat for a TD but he played it pretty well. As long as Carlos doesn't bite on double moves and Walt still looks like Walt coming off the injury, I think we should be fine. I hope Shawn is healthy for the next game.

Another position I am worried about is our MLB spot. LeMar Marshall needs to show me why we let Antonio Pierce go. He's been average this year in my opinion. He made some good tackles, but also missed some critical tackles.

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yeh, to their credit, Harris was out, then Springs left early, our starters were Jimoh and Rogers, and Plummer still didnt throw for over 100, even though his receivers are pretty decent and coulda been able to exploit 2 green corners.

I am worried about it though, but I hope this is the week we can apply some pressure.

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The one saving grace is that KC's wide receiving crew isn't that deep and don't exactly strike fear in the hearts of opponents. Eddie Kennison's having a pretty good season so far (23 catches, 349 yards, 1 TD) but after that, not much production:

Samie Parker (9 catches - 130 yards, 1 TD)

Dante Hall (9 catches - 86 yards, 1 TD)

Marc Borigter (1 catch)

Chris Hall (3 catches)

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