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Betts: what would happen if Davis and Gillespie mated

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A recurring bit that Conan O'Brien used to run (maybe still does -- I haven't watched him in a few years) involved a joke use of computer morphing technology. He'd take two reasonably attractive people (who might be dating) and speculate what would happen if they had a child. The result, using ludicrously exaggerated computer morphing, was a nightmarish combination of the facial features of the parents.

I was reminded of this in watching Betts, Gillespie, Watson and Watkins last night. Gillespie showed serious speed and had some spectacular plays (and a couple of bad plays). Watson and Watkins were awful. Betts looked better, but still mediocre when rushing, and looked OK as a receiver, but not as exciting as Gillespie. Betts had one really good run on the final play of the half, for 8 yards while carrying defenders. However, this play followed another rush in which he danced around a non-existent hole, generating my gameplay description: "looked like he was running with a bag of feed and a bad case of gas."

Power rushing is what Stephen Davis excels at. He attacks the hole and punishes defenders -- usually the last half of his yardage is after first contact. Betts needs to learn this fearless style of powerful, attacking rushing. (I'm quite comfortable with Davis in this role, even with Spurrier's system, for the same reason that John Riggins excelled under Gibbs's system.)

If Betts doesn't learn to hit the holes with the power and forward push of Davis (and Riggins), he risks looking like a Conan O'Brien caricature -- with neither the power of Davis, nor the explosive speed and moves of Gillespie.

Obviously there's plenty of time for Betts to learn. He's capable of bringing the best of both styles of play -- to rush with the power of Davis, and to catch passes with the skill of Gillespie. I just hope he's got the guts (like Davis and Riggins) to do it. Otherwise, we may be better off with Davis or Gillespie in the game.

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