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Who's your favorite Players in the league right now?

I'll break it down by favorite players at each position. Heck, I'll even make a starting dream team line up from todays active players that I favor. Mine are...

QB Brett Favre

RB Ladanian Tomlinson

WR Chad Johnson (Funny guy!)

WR Marvin Harrison

WR Santanna Moss

TE Tony Gonzalez

OT Jonathan Ogden

OG Larry Allen (So spite me)

C Corey Raymer

OG Edwin Mulatalo

OT Jon Janson

DE Dwight Freeny

DT Cornelious Griffin

DT Sam Adams

DE Julius Peppers

OLB Lavar Arrington

MLB Ray Lewis

OLB Marcus Washington

CB Champ Baily

CB Shawn Springs

FS Roy Williams (what can I say, I'm a Oklahoma U fan) / or Shawn Taylor

SS Ed Reed

Sorry, Smoot. You're Xed out because of your little boat scandle.

An Honorable mention HAS to go out to Marshall Faulk. There has never been a pure all around football player than him. At least not smarter than him.

How 'bout you guys? Who's your favorite players at each position?

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This is super easy.

You can find my favorite players here in no particular order.

Exactly! :cheers:

But if I have to pick non Redskins it would me due to me being a Va Tech Fan.

Michael Vick aka: Ron Mexico


Keion Carpenter, when he came out on to the field for pregame in the Atlanta / Seattle Game in Week 2 he saw my Va Tech Sweatshirt and gave me a thumbs up! I thought that was so cool!

Oh yea and my fellow half-Korean Brethren Hines Ward.

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