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Fred Smoot booked Vikings' party boat


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Anyone else shocked that Smoot was the name that turned up in this mess?


At least 17 Vikings aboard boats during parties

A source says at least 17, but possibly as many as 25, Vikings team members were on the pair of cruise boats for a party that allegedly involved sex acts, heavy drinking, drugs, and possible prostitution took place. (You can see of Tuesday night's stories by clicking the links at the left.)

As many as 90 people attended the party. There was also a captain and three servers on each boat.

Stephen Doyle, the lawyer of the boats' owners, said Fred Smoot and one other player booked the Thursday night cruise. Doyle declined to name the second player or any of the guests at the party.

The investigation centers on determining if any laws were broken.

Sheriff Pat McGowan says what happened may be inappropriate , but it might not be criminal.

"The dancing, in and of itself, would be legal. However, it does require a permit," McGowan said.

"And this office, we are the issuing authority for permits on Lake Minnetonka, and we certainly did not issue a permit."

Police have not completed interviewing the boats' staff and it is unknown if they have interviewed any of the guests.

Many of the staff members have talked to Doyle however. He relayed their stories to reporters Tuesday.

Once the boats left shore, Doyle said, some women guests started stripping for some of the players, who put down money as the women danced. The dancing escalated to lap dances, followed by players giving and receiving oral sex.

Doyle said the boats were on the water for 90 minutes, and the cruise was cut short by the company when the owners found out what was happening.

Smoot, nor his agent, returned calls on Tuesday, but late in the evening the Vikings organization released a statement saying, "The organization has been made aware of the allegations involving our players and we take these allegations very seriously. We are working diligently to gather as many facts as possible."

Regardless of whether anything illegal happened, players could face fines or other punishments for violating the NFL's Personal conduct policy.

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