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We lose yet we move up. I think respect is comming our way.

1 Indianapolis Colts 1

The defense continues to dominate and they're on cruise control until they face the Patriots next month. The offense still isn't at full throttle.

2 Pittsburgh Steelers 3

That was a big-time road victory Monday night, but if Ben Roethlisberger is out for a long time, it will be a costly one. One has to wonder what will happen if he's out.

3 Denver Broncos 8

At 4-1, they have to feel pretty good about their start. They do have to play better than they did against the Redskins, who actually handled them in losing.

4 New England Patriots 10

There were many out there ready to bury this team. Not so fast. There's too much fight for that to happen. Plus, they have Tom Brady and Adam Vinatieri.

5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6

Without Cadillac Williams, the quarterback play had to be better and it wasn't. Now they get a tough test with Miami coming to Tampa.

6 Washington Redskins 7

They outplayed Denver in every area except for the scoreboard. This team might be better than we all thought.

7 Cincinnati Bengals 5

So do we really know how good this team is yet? They played well in Jacksonville, but good teams have to win those games to be considered elite.

8 Dallas Cowboys 16

What they did to the Eagles was impressive. Now they get the Giants in another key divisional showdown.

9 Philadelphia Eagles 2

They limp into their bye week. And really, it couldn't come at a better time. Donovan McNabb needs the rest.

10 Atlanta Falcons 4

They found out life without Mike Vick doesn't mean they can't compete. But the defense let them down.

11 New York Giants 11

They come off a bye week feeling good about their start. A victory at Dallas on Sunday will tell a bunch about this team.

12 Jacksonville Jaguars 13

After knocking the Bengals from the unbeaten ranks, they get the Steelers on the road. If it's without Roethlisberger, they'll be thrilled about that.

13 Miami Dolphins 12

Ricky Williams returns? Is that a good thing? Or does it take away carries that Ronnie Brown needs?

14 Seattle Seahawks 15

Props to this group for winning a big road game. They look to have a firm grasp on a weak division.

15 San Diego Chargers 9

This might be one of the best 2-3 teams ever. They've lost three games after leading in the fourth quarter. Ouch.

16 Carolina Panthers 17

Coming back from 10 down in the fourth quarter against the Cardinals was impressive. They do have to work on that pass defense.

17 Kansas City Chiefs 18

Did the Chiefs find a defense during their bye week? If not, it's going to be a long season.

18 St. Louis Rams 19

How will this team respond without coach Mike Martz? One thing that has to improve is the awful defense.

19 Detroit Lions 28

Look who's in first place in the NFC North. For all the troubles they've had so far, they came to life against the Ravens. Can it continue?

20 New York Jets 26

Can they make the playoffs with Vinny Testaverde? That's to be determined, but they are better on offense with him.

21 Buffalo Bills 24

Now that the quarterback issue is resolved, look for the Bills to pick up their play. This team has talent on both sides of the ball.

22 Oakland Raiders 25

They come off their bye week with a chance to get back in the division race with a key game against the Chargers. Are they ready to make a run?

23 Cleveland Browns 23

Romeo Crennel and his staff deserve lots of praise for the way they have this undermanned team playing. Trent Dilfer keeps making plays at key times.

24 Chicago Bears 21

The offense is pedestrian, but that's what you get with a rookie quarterback. If the defense made stops in the fourth quarter, they would have beaten Cleveland, so it's not all on Kyle Orton.

25 Minnesota Vikings 20

Did the bye week do this team any good? If not, the coach will be looking for work soon -- no matter what the owner has said.

26 Baltimore Ravens 22

What in the heck is wrong with this team? We knew the offense would struggle, but now the defense is as well? It doesn't look pretty, that's for sure.

27 Tennessee Titans 27

Like we said before the season, this is a young team that will fight all year long. Steve McNair had a good day in Houston.

28 Green Bay Packers 30

They're decimated by injuries, but Brett Favre can still get it done. Getting that first victory might get this team started.

29 New Orleans Saints 14

It only gets worse for this team as Deuce McAllister is lost for season. Can they regroup? Or is this season lost?

30 Arizona Cardinals 29

Josh McCown is putting up impressive numbers, but there are still too many mistakes. They're the same Cardinals in a lot of respects.

31 San Francisco 49ers 31

There will be some trying times with a rookie quarterback. At least the defense played better.

32 Houston Texans 32

Just when we think it can't get any worse, it does. What do they do now?

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that is very respectful of this organization b/c we did outplay them in every category cept the scoreboard. i'll tell ya, if this team can start puttin up b/w 17-28 points per game, we will be considered a serious playoff contender and a threat to the other teams in the NFC, especially if our Defense starts to shut down the run again like they did last year.

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Well, at least this Compleatly Meaningless Opinion Disguised as a Statistic doesn't have us ranked lower than a 2-3 team.

Gotta admit, as much as we hate the media for being the mediots they are, it does feel good when they start giving us respect and eating a little crow.

"This team might be better than we all thought. " :applause:

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