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QB thoughts/who plays after Shane next week?


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Board seems busy tonight. :D

Could a 38-7 win be why? :cheers:

1. Sage- O.K. I wasn't impressed with him at the beginning. He shook off the jitters and got better as the game went on. I think he can make the roster and contribute. Something tells me he'll only get better.

2. Danny- O.K. I'll eat some crow. Can't wait to see how he does in two weeks when he starts. Then we can see him against the first string.

3. Shane- Wonder how he will do next week? Could Danny beat him out for the starting job? Will Shane do well and basically crowd Sage out?

4. Baby Heath Ramsey- You aren't do anything this year. If Sage actually makes it to the roster, then your long term future with the Skins is in doubt. You'd better hope that either Sage or Shane doesn't make it.


Shane starts next week. Who plays after him? I think Sage needs to the playing time to see if he can make the roster. I'd make Sage play in the second half next week. That should determine what his future with the Skins will be. We can see if Danny's for real the following week when he starts. As for baby heath Ramsey-who cares. He's a non-factor this season in my mind. If Sage stinks it up next week; then he's done. If Shane stinks it up, he could be the odd man out.

This Skins QB race is going to be fun to watch.

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