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Skins steady on ESPN Power Rankings


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Still have yet to crack the top ten - thanks to Pasquerelli, no doubt.


Power Rankings: Broncos jump up to No. 2



ESPN.com's Power Rankings

This week's rankings were determined by a poll of ESPN.com's NFL staff -- writers John Clayton, Len Pasquarelli, Michael Smith, NFL Insider Jeremy Green, Scouts Inc., and ESPN.com NFL editors Peter Lawrence-Riddell and James C. Black.

There was a lot of moving around in our top 10. Obviously, the Colts remain on top after another impressive defensive performance, but after that, the next eight teams in our top 10 are all in different spots. The Broncos jumped from No. 8 all the way to No. 2 after beating the Redskins to improve to 4-1. The Steelers moved up to No. 3 with an impressive win on Monday night. But if Ben Roethlisberger ends up being out for a considerable amount of time, Pittsburgh's hold on a top spot could be in trouble.

After falling out of the top 5 for the first time since the 2003 season, the Patriots jumped backup to No. 4.

At the other end of the rankings, the Texans kept a strong hold on the last spot, remaining the NFL's only winless team.

On to the rankings. Also, you can rank the teams yourself with SportsNation's NFL Power Rankings.

2005 Power Rankings: Week 6


1 (1) Colts 5-0-0 If the Colts keep up their current pace, they'll allow less than 100 points this year. Last year they gave up 351

2 (8) Broncos 4-1-0 Tatum Bell -- 127 yards on 12 carries in Sunday's win over the Redskins -- has clearly demonstrated that he's Denver most explosive option at running back.

3 (6) Steelers 3-1-0 Pretty impressive win for the Steelers against a red-hot Chargers team. But obviously, losing Ben Roethlisberger would be a huge blow.

4 (9) Patriots 3-2-0 Can anyone be surprised by the way Tom Brady played? That said, the secondary is a big problem.

5 (3) Bengals 4-1-0 Bengals lost their first game, but they fought hard and came back. A good sign for a young team still learning.

6 (2) Eagles 3-2-0 The Eagles are good, but you can't expect to keep winning games in which you fall behind 14 or 17 points.

7 (4) Falcons 3-2-0 Yes, Matt Schaub played well. But any of you who think the Falcons would be better with him than Vick, get a grip.

8 (7) Chargers 2-3-0 Flying high off of two performances that saw the offense put up over 40 points, the Chargers have to be bitterly disappointed by their prime-time loss to the Steelers.

9 (5) Buccaneers 4-1-0 Obviously the Bucs just aren't the same on offense without Cadillac Williams in the lineup.

10 (10) Giants 3-1-0 Eli still has a better passer rating and more TDs than big brother Peyton. You better believe that's come up in convo at least once.

11 (11) Redskins 3-1-0 The Redskins aren't pretty, but they've proved that they're for real. They look like they'll be in the playoff hunt in the NFC all season.

12 (12) Jaguars 3-2-0 Fred Taylor's performance against the Bengals -- 132 yards on 24 carries -- had to be extremely encouraging to the Jaguars. They need Taylor to be a playoff team.

13 (13) Panthers 3-2-0 It might have been premature to start doubting the Panthers after their Week 3 loss in Miami.

14 (17) Cowboys 3-2-0 Cowboys jumped on the Eagles early and just never let them up. That was a pretty impressive performance.

15 (14) Chiefs 2-2-0 The Chiefs are talking about re-thinking their Priest Holmes-Larry Johnson RB rotation. If Johnson's carries get cut, you can expect an unhappy running back.

16 (16) Seahawks 3-2-0 It's still kind of stunning to see that the league's second-leading receiver in Week 5 was ... Joe Jurevicius (9 catches, 137 yds., 1 TD).

17 (15) Dolphins 2-3-0 All eyes will be on Miami and what kind of an impact Ricky Williams has in his first game back.

18 (18) Rams 2-3-0 Just a message to Mike Martz to get well soon.

19 (25) Bills 2-3-0 The Bills needed a win and that's what Kelly Holcomb got them.

20 (29) Jets 2-3-0 Vinny and the Jets. Jets fans are signing a happy tune after Testaverde's triumphant return in a huge win.

21 (27) Browns 2-3-0 He doesn't get the credit he deserves, but there are at least 10 other teams in the NFL who would take Trent Dilfer as their starting QB.

22 (28) Titans 2-3-0 Congratulations to Jarrett Payton, son of the late Walter Payton, on his first NFL TD.

23 (26) Lions 2-2-0 It might not have been pretty, but the Lions desperately needed a win and that's what they got. It might sound weird, but the Lions are a first place team.

24 (21) Raiders 1-3-0 Kerry Collins has been perfect in regards to one thing so far: No INTs.

25 (23) Vikings 1-3-0 When you start bringing in 'consultants' to help out the coaching staff, that can't be a good sign.

26 (31) Packers 1-4-0 Wow, a visit by the Saints and 51 points sure can turn a gloomy situation into a sort of sunny one. Or at least sunny for an NFC North team.

27 (22) Bears 1-3-0 The Bears have to be kicking themselves for giving up 14 fourth-quarter points to lose to the Browns. In the weak NFC North, squandering a win is huge.

28 (19) Saints 2-3-0 Were pretty sure that no team in recent memory has moved up and down the Power Rankings quite like the Saints.

29 (24) Cardinals 1-4-0 Cardinals aren't living up to some of the preseason expectations, but Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin have been as good as advertised. The two have combined for 72 catches and 1047 yards through five games.

30 (20) Ravens 1-3-0 21 penalties for 147 yards, four personal fouls and two players ejected. Maybe it wasn't the best day for the refs, but that's just embarrassing.

31 (30) 49ers 1-4-0 Tough team for Alex Smith to get his first start against. The Colts came after the rookie all day, sacking him five times and forcing four INTs.

32 (32) Texans 0-4-0 As big a fantasy bust as Daunte Culpepper has been, there can't be a bigger bust than Andre Johnson. He has 10 catches for 76 yards and zero TDs.

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