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Week 5 Video Highlights Vs. Broncos Now Up


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Man, awesome highlights as usual, skinfanatic!

Does anyone else get that feeling any time Portis and Moss touch the ball that they are just a hair away from taking it to the house? I mean, with Cooley you know he's going to do something positive and get every yard possible, and with Betts you know he's going to fall forward and get a few extra yards as well. But every time CP and Moss get the ball, they are so explosive I get electricity on the back of my neck. Its only a matter of time against the weak defenses we face here on out before Portis and Moss start actually breaking them.

Not to mention, after watching those highlights I remembered why I was so excited, even though we lost! We've got an offense in Washington again! If Portis just cuts outside on that pitch out, he scores. Or if Samuels was a touch faster. It was a good play by the defensive player to take out Samuels feet...

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Thanks man! Good lord Brunell had all day in the pocket. He could have acted out a one man play of Beowulf back there.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I can't think of another time Beowulf and the Redskins were compared.

From an educator, I :applause: you.

Thanks for the videos.


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