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Real proud of the SKIN'S


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It would have been so easy for the SKIN'S to give up Sunday and say "Ain't gonna happen...We can't win this one".....And I am guilty of saying it sunday with 10-12 minutes left in the game.....But....The skins DID believe they could still win !! Sometimes...I have had a hard time buying the "Character" thing that Gibbs leans on so hard...But i will be damned.....That was CHARACTER at the end of the game...And CHARACTER damn near won it ! We are no longer a team without identity.....It has been sooooooo long....Since we lost a game and I felt sooo damn good about the team.

If someone on here knows a player or coach for the team.....Tell'em this one fan(and a few others I would guess) are proud of them...We have CHARACTER and an IDENTITY...If a team thinks the game is over in the 4th quarter...Guess what.......IT AIN'T !!!

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