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Good point on other board, concering the "tuck" play..


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Even if it was a pass, the ball went backwards, which should have made it a lateral, not a pass. Never thought of it that way, but he's right. Bunch of crap.

yeah that was discussed on the post game show with Charles Mann and Sonny J...just does not make sense. Nice sig. by the way :rotflmao:

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Okay, after discussing this with my roommate ... I think the point of the "tuck rule" is that the forward pass starts when the arm starts moving forward, and that it doesn't stop becoming a pass until the QB reestablishes possession of the ball.

So, the forward pass is created by the forward motion of the ball and the arm moving forward - the fact that it flies out backwards doesn't change it into a lateral.

We're just speculating though, and it would be nice to see what the rule really is.

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