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Dubskins, here is a good site that lists sports bars that show the skins all across the country.

Here is the link:




Shelley is a Redskins fan in the Cincinnati area who is looking for some "Redskins Friends" to watch with on Sundays. Email her and make some plans!



689 Howe Ave.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Located off Route 8


--Redskins regular Mike Costa is looking to hook up with other B&G fans for Sundays action.

Damons is a great place to see a game. Big TV's, sound, lots of great ribs, etc.

E-mail at: mcosta@meritechblue.com



3799 Park Mill Run Drive

Hilliard , Ohio


Damon's has 4 games shown on big screens and up to 4 different games on TV's at the bar. Diehard Skins fans Kerry, Bill & Steve watch at least 13 games here per season, win or lose. Look for D. Green, Bailey, Jurgenson jerseys.

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you brought a tear to my eye mentioning the stube! that place is a sweet hole in the wall. too many good times there to retell or remember. i never knew it was a skins' haven. sh!t, i may have never left that place if i had known.

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