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Still More WFAN Hilarity

Carlito Sway

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Rain Delay at Shea Stadium, so I'm diagramming a schematic of a starter for the good ol' internal combustion engine and half-listening to The Fan here in New York. *Snooze*

A caller identifies himself as my evil doppelganger of sport fandom, a Cowboys and Yankees fan. The host allows him to speculate as to Dallas' chances this season. For some bizarre reason, he lets the guy go on and on about Quincy Carter. Host opines that the Cowboys have a much improved defense, had a good draft, but let's not get carried away about QC. In fact, he intones with out-of-character solemnity, however bright the future may be for the Cowboys, it will never be as bright as when a certain Cowboy, #8, was under center. Yea, he murmured reverentially, Troy may have been the best Cowboy ever. Maybe . . . the best QB ever . . .

At this point, I'm sitting bolt upright with a WTF look, only to be snapped back into sanity when I hear "Aikman back - looking, looking - He lost the ball! Thund'rous tackle by Arrington"

The slowly building strains of Roy Orbison's "Crying over you" come into earshot, punctuated now and then by a sample of babies crying. Cue excerpts from Troy's retirement press conference, veklempt, choking up, then crying openly "It's just so hard" . . . more babies crying, louder now. Roy wails that he's "Crying . . . Crying . . . Cryyyyyyyiiiinng . . . Cryyyiiiiiiiiing Over You" while Troy sniffles miserably. The sample ends, Steve wonders if maybe the Boys might be better off with Roy Orbison under center rather than Quincy Carter, and I repair to my bedroom to go change my newly-stained boxers ,wiping tears of laughter from my eyes and chuckling.


Sorry for the double WFAN post today, but it was just too funny.

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To make matters worse for Troy, an exuberant 12 year old chubby butt kid blitzed Troy at a football clinic a couple months ago and hit him full force. They confirmed another concussion occured when this little fat a** bowled him over. I laughed for about a half hour when I hear that.

Hey Troy, I have a message for you:

Ummaglaggaloooopdiggala Glorp. You understand that right?

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