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Quincy Carter has banner day in evening practice


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From the Dallas Morning News . . .

Quarterback Quincy Carter had a horrible practice Tuesday night as the Cowboys defense threw some aggressive blitzing schemes at him. He failed to hit the hot receiver or find the safety valve on most occasions, and even threw a pass directly into the arms of defensive end Peppi Zellner on one play. Several other times, his passes were errant. How bad did it eventually get? Some fans inside the Alamodome started to boo him.

• • •

The sequence on one of the 11-on-11 drills:

Play 1: Quincy Carter pass intercepted by Peppi Zellner

Play 2: Hand off to Emmitt Smith

Play 3: Carter completes short pass in left flat to Joey Galloway

Play 4: Carter rolls right, has his pass tipped by linebacker Kevin Hardy, incomplete

Play 5: Carter throws pass into ground to avoid heavy pressure

Play 6: Carter throws ball away with safety Roy Williams in his face

Play 7: Pitch right to Smith

Play 8: Chad Hutchinson slips while dropping back, throws incomplete

Play 9: Hutchinson hits quick pass to James Whalen in right flat

Play 10: Smith handoff, runs off right tackle

Play 11: Pitch left to Troy Hambrick

Play 12: Safety Pat Dennis blitz stops Smith in the backfield

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It will be interesting to see how they spin things on HBO tonight. Of course, I'm sure they have to have at least a modicum of positive footage to make a team look good so maybe they'll just focus on the defensive side of the ball. Wouldn't want "America's Team" looking like crap for all to see :laugh:

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F*ck the Cowboys and their tired $hit. I think we are finally assembling a defensive front to deal with their fatboys.

What I want to know is...

Who's the babe at the bottom of Bufford's posts? Yowza!!!!!;) :cool:

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THE STREAK WILL END! Can you imagine what Quincy is going to do against our linebackers in real game conditions. Victory is so close I can already smell it. The Redskins now have that killer instinct with Spurrier. The sharks are already circling and maybe Spurrier will have another Vanderbilt to beat up on. Dallas will not be our Georgia (Philly will) they will be our Vanderbilt! Spurrier is going to change the NFL forever, just like he revolutionized the SEC! Hail to the Redskins!

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Releasing that kind of info will not reassure me of squat. As stated before, by Bufford, he beat us as a rookie. He actually survived the whole game!!!!

The way to beat them is to play to win, not play to protect something that aint there. SOS has the right idea and the onslaught will continue whether we are leading by 3 or 300!

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Originally posted by Park City Skins

"I was saying that same thing last year while I was sitting in Fedex watching the game."

I would certainly hope so, while you were watching Emmit and Hambrick run..

Actually, I remember seeing a certain "pro bowl" corner getting smoked, with Quincy completing the pass to win the game. You must not have stuck around long enough to see it.:cheers:

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After 9 losses to the Cowboys, I'm not going to talk trash about a huge win, only to get disappointed. It's too exhausting.

I'll wait and see.

That being said, I do think Spurrier understands the nature of rivalry and will take it both personally and seriously. Jimmy Johnson did when he came from Miami.

In many ways the Spurrier hiring reminds me of my Ohio State Buckeyes:

--we had a painful losing streak against our most hated rival (1-9-1 against Michigan),

--we hired a coach from a level below (Jim Tressel from AA Youngstown State)

--The new coach was a proven winner and national champion at the lower level, but there were questions as to whether he could handle "the big stage"

--The new coach began his tenure by commenting on the rivalry, and all but guaranteeing a victory ("And, most of all, you will be proud of our players ... in Ann Arbor, Mich")

--Existing players gained instant respect for the new coach, his ethics, his integrity and his methods.

--Potential recruits, who would have passed on the team before, now are eager to sign up and play for a new coach with a new energy (Tressel, after just one year, amassed the consensus second best recruiting class in the country)

The result? The Buckeyes won in Ann Arbor for the first time since the late 1980's. They won even starting a freshman with no game experience at QB. They ran all over Michigan, even though it was obvious that they would have to rely on the run.

I won't make predictions, but I sense something similar afoot with Spurrier.

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Speaking of the rivalry with the Cowboys ...

Norv and Marty just never "got it".

Norv succeeded early on against them, mostly using his knowledge of the 'Boys against them. But even then, he was, in a sense. trying to prove to his former employer that he could make it on his own. He could never truly hate the Cowboys. He couldn't make it a life-or-death personal battle.

Marty arrived after retiring from the AFC west, where he put his heart and soul into that conference and its rivalries. He never seemed to show humility towards the history and traditions of the NFC East. It seemed like the Redskins were just another team to conform to his "proven" methods, not a venerable institution.

Spurrier gets it.

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Actually smith, wide awake, all present and accounted for oh that play. Seen it several times since then. Want to know what happened on that play? Read this:


or this:


Better to be lucky than good sometimes huh?

About the Oline. As if we haven't discussed this before. Food for thought. (no "so shat's allowed).

3rd ranked Running offense: put up 8 rushing T.D's for the season. ranking 25. Total pts a game: 15.4 dead last. If you want to be the man, beat the man. Dallas played only 4 teams ranked in the top 10 in run defense.

Denver #6: Smith 5-17yds Hambrick 4-24 yds

San Deigo # 7 Smith 17-85 Hambrick 2-6

N.Y. Giants # 8 Game 1 Hambrick 30-77

Game 2 Smith 22-62 Hambrick 4-16 Wiley 4-15

San Francisco Smith 26 -126 Hambrick 4-6

Record 2-3 Rushing Average 85.8 yds a game. (note, San fran was a good game for Dallas). That average is 30yds less than the season average. Next best team. Tampa Bay # 12 Smith 13-40 Hambrick 1-10

Dallas played 8 games against teams that were ranked in the bottom 3rd of the league in rushing defense. 3-5 against these teams. I wouldn't be hanging my hat on that bit of info if I were a Boys fan.


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Well, I could produce every training camp report from 4 or 5 different sources that show Quincy Carter is in fact having a very impressive camp and has shown some much progress or I could wait 38 more days for the season to start.

Feel free to bash Quincy Carter when he has his first dissapointing offesnsive series on training camp. So far Dallas has had 5 days of training camp with about 20-25 practices and the first blurb of Quincy Carter struggling is news.

I guess a couple of more bombs against your ALL-world All- Pro CBs should shut you guys up.

38 more days!!!!!

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Park City Skins:

You are very good at extracting stats that fit your purpose but they hold little water. Face it, Dallas' O-line is good - very good. Live with it. Give props where props are due. I wouldn't think of pulling out stats against the linebackers the Skins have. They are awesome, who cares what type of Offenses they are going against? As far as the Denver game you are so fond of bringing up, we fell behind early and that forced us into throwing a lot.

Now, Q had a bad practice. So what? Let's see how he progresses. Maybe if Campo gave him what blitzes were coming, SS style, Q would do better.:laugh:

And the play Rocket burned Champ was a TD in a game that wrapped things up. I know you would rather see Rocket fake the out and then take it up. I know you would rather see Q do a sommersault while avoiding LaVar and then throw a dart to Rocket (maybe then you would give him props) but that's not football. Quincy threw a strike and it was a touchdown. Champ was burned. He blew the coverage. If he didn't and he picked off the pass then it would be different. That is football. Stop with the excuses and the exhaustive analysis. It only makes you seem petty.

Bottomline: both times you lost your "star" players blew it. Davis fumbled in game one and Champ blew the coverage in game 2. Champ is still an awesome corner but what happened, happened. Live with it. That's football.:D

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You Cowboy fans really need to get over that one pass when Champ got juked and Carter floated the ball in there.

I can remember back in 95 when the Skins were an 18 point underdog and Heath Shuler took the SKins into Dallas and walked out with a W. That sure did wonders for his career!

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But hey, let's give Heath is due. I'm not going to say that it was all luck or didn't count. He won the game. I'm not saying that one pass makes Q's career but you can't try to explain it away. It happened. That's all I'm pointing out.:cheers:

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This is a silly topic. One day of camp does not a career make ... any more than one supposed good pass against Champ Bailey. :rolleyes:

As to our chances against the Cowboys this year, I'm with Bufford. Not saying a word until we actaully beat them for once.

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