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Our offense.......They should get a little bit more credit.....


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I know the Skins offense is not seemingly that great, yet look at how we managed with Tony Banks last year? He almost single handedly lost a few games for us with poor passing, and Marty's scheme of Throw on 1st/2nd and 10, and run when it is 3rd and long, is certainly not going to be used this year. I don't think our group of 3 is particularly great, but we still have Davis and if the O-line can play good,(not even great, just good) then he should have a hell of a year barring any injury.

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Yeah, it's true that we managed o.k. last year, and our defense should be better.

But last year, we had a really good OL by the end of the year, and basically, that has been gutted. So it's not clear we will be better in that department. And last year's offense was built to run Stephen Davis, our stand-out offensive talent. This year's offense might be built on the passing of Danny Wuerfel or Shane Matthews...who had really good college careers back in the day when people were still deluded into thinking Nirvana was worth a damn.

Our defense has amazing potential. But for the offense to be successful, we will need to see a new OL gel, some new WRs show talent they haven't yet shown in the NFL, and some QBs who arguably have less NFL experience than Banks did show veteran leadership.

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