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"N.Y. party to kick off season"......This should be interesting...

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N.Y. party to kick off season


Associated Press

NEW YORK -- New York will help start the NFL season with a huge party in Times Square featuring Bon Jovi and other stars.

The celebration will take place about five hours before the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers play the first game of the 2002 NFL season 10 miles away in the New Jersey Meadowlands.

The NFL calls it the "world's largest tailgate party.''

The city hopes it will provide a financial windfall for businesses struggling since the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

"What the city gets out of that event is a lot of money to help fund the ceremony downtown for 9/11 and a lot of money to help in the redevelopment of downtown,'' Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday. "It also showcases New York to the world and helps tourism.''

"I think the city is much better off for doing the event,'' he said.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said a significant amount of the NFL Players Association's $10 million Sept 11 disaster relief fund would go to "appropriate organizations in the city, chosen with help from the city, to help those indirectly or directly affected by the events of Sept. 11.

Bloomberg defended the festivities, which come six days before the first anniversary of the attacks.

"The NFL season is when it is, and I don't know that it's inappropriate. It doesn't take away from the ceremony. On 9/11, we want to look back and remember those we lost and we also want to build a better world for those that were left behind,'' he said.

Aiello said the party might be a model for future years. This is the first time the NFL has opened its season on a Thursday.

"It promotes the whole kickoff weekend. We're trying a potentially new model for the way the season is kicked off. If all goes well, we'll see more kickoff events like this, although not always in New York,'' he said.

The party will be free to the public and is to be nationally televised on several networks.

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Originally posted by Tom [Giants fan]

"It also showcases New York to the world and helps tourism.''

Yeah, because NYC would be sooooooo anonymous without this! :laugh: It's advertised as being for a nice cause and all, but these marketing people lose sight so easily of the distinction between reality and spin!
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