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I know many of you are from the DC or surrounding area but Im in the southwest and its this board that keeps me alive and kicking. As you can tell I dont post much but I read this board every day. Thanks for everyone who does post regulary. The camp updates have been awesome which leads me to my post. I have direct tv and my only source for Redskins news on tv besides ESPN is Comcast Sports channel 629 but I have to tell you that show SUCKS! Their training camp report last night was about the Skins laundry boys. Infact i was so irritated I had to send them an email this morning and here is what I said:


I am a die hard Skins fan and live in the southwest and catch your show

every night on my direct tv hoping to see some good camp news from Carlise.

I have to tell you Im extremely disappointed in your show. You show NO

actual camp footage at all. Doing a segment on the laundry boys last night

was a complete joke! Even your camp stuff on the Ravens so far is terrible.

Im not writing to criticze your network because its all I have besides ESPN

to get camp info but you obviously need to change your camp reports. I

belong to several Redskin websites and everyone is complaining about your

show right now. We want to see players and hear about progress in camp,

player signings..etc, not laundry boys and players stealing other players

bikes. Please get some real news!

Does anyone else feel the same way I do who doesnt have the local stations?

Sorry for the long post but all in all I wanted to say thanks to this board for helping me through! Art, Bufford, Bull, ASF and the rest of you

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I thought the same thing last night as I watched Rick Cook interview the laundry boys.

Talk about in depth analysis. "How many quarters do you use?" "You don't wear gloves, do you?" "Who has the dirtiest jersey?"

Is this what they were referring too when they blasted Griff on WTEM and told him to leave it to the professionals?

Give me a break. The reason I mention WTEM is because Rick Cook use to be their Redskins reporter and he's on T.V. interviewing laundry boys.

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Guys, that had to be the worst show I have ever seen. My wife and I got into an argument before we went out for dinner. She wanted to go at 6:00. I told her that I wanted to wait and see what happened at TC today. She then went into ****ing at me for "loving" the Redskins more than her. Why, because I wanted to watch TC high lights before we went to dinner? Well, I got my way for a change. I have to tell ya, after they aired that segment about the laundry boys, I didn't stand a chance in hell from here on out. She watched the interview about the laundry and couldn't believe this is what I wanted to wait and see.

That show was definately a waste of air time.

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Someone from here wrote the story to WTEM? LOL

Bram is a joke -- I love how they have all this great news and stuff but NEVER share it. - Like Albert Connells wife has a seriously problem spending money (to the tune of 1.6 million), or about how Graham called all his own plays during the Denver game.

We never hear about that. We just hear about the normal run of the mill stuff. I want actual footage.

I want to hear about Skaggs and Thompson... nt about laundry boys.

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Glad to see I wasn't the only one to witness that farce. Tune in for skins footage and get a bleeping laundry room........

Although you'd think the skins would have a laundry service instead of sending a kid into the local laudry room to wash the uniforms, towels etc. every night.....

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And here is the only response I got.


Thanks for the input. Comcast SportsNet appreciates the thoughts and

opinions of our viewers. Your note will be forwarded to the appropriate



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That channel is BAD. Really BAD. As a local guy I was kinda excited when they showed up about a year and a half ago, I think. Then I watched the show a few times and could not believe these people had jobs. The only thing they did that was good was having Billy Ripken around on the baseball show, but the other dopes totally made it unwatchable. So it's not only their football coverage that stinks but everything. I feel sorry for you out of towners who can't get any good info on the Skins.


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