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The Gardener decision is in...


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WTEM is reporting that the Redskins have "won the bidding war for Daryl Gardener." No details of the contract were given, I'll be very interested to hear about them. I think Mendes wouyld not make a cap-busting deal, so I'm going to regard this as great news, unless it's proven otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt :)

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according the agent's statement beforehand Gardener merely wanted the Redskins to match the Denver offer, which seemed from what people were saying, was a modest deal with incentives.

so, I don't think we broke the bank on this one.

it will be a multi-year deal with the chance for Gardener to get paid based on his rehab into the pro bowl player he was 2 years ago. :)

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I'm dying to hear the contract details. If we simply went too high and made it easy, that would be disappointing. But, once again, it shows that a guy Snyder targets generally finds Snyder convincing :).

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Sooo... who do we have... let's see












Now of course, Wynn can move inside if he has to, while Gardener and Dotson are capable of moving outside. On top of that, Lavar will be seeing time as a rush-end.

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I always here about how Danny is an arsehole but he always seems to make a good impression on players. Gardiners said he was enamoured with the owner, Trotter said the same thing. My hats off to Danny for being one hell of a recruiter!:notworthy

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We won't be beating the Girls athletically with Brown and Coleman.

I WOULD like to see us get them though! If we score them, we should be:

"hitting and stickin, like Popeye's Chicken!"

offensively by OCT!


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I'm waiting til his John Hand**** is on our contract, so for now I'm gonna be taking cold showers to control my highly wooden state.

But its difficult to not :jerkoff: at the news.

Now just give me stability at guard.

WTEM is say Tucker is starting at RG in Japan

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Gardener Agrees to One-Year Deal With Redskins

By Mark Maske

Washington Post Staff Writer

Tuesday, July 30, 2002; 12:12 PM

CARLISLE, Pa., July 30 – Free agent defensive lineman Daryl Gardener told the Washington Redskins this morning that he would sign with the team. The two sides plan to have Gardener sign a one-year contract later today. The deal is worth up to $1.8 million if he reaches all the incentives.

Gardener, 29, was released by the Miami Dolphins 11 days ago. The former first-round draft selection can play tackle or end, and he fills a major gap in a Redskins' defensive line that had been badly in need of an addition. Gardener likely will fit into a rotation at tackle with Dan Wilkinson and Santana Dotson, and he could start alongside Wilkinson. He also provides depth at the end position behind starters Bruce Smith and Renaldo Wynn.

The signing of Gardener perhaps ends the Redskins' pursuit of free agent defensive tackle Sam Adams, a two-time Pro Bowl selection for the Baltimore Ravens.

Gardener played at a near-Pro Bowl level for much of his stay in Miami, but experienced back problems in recent seasons. He missed enough workouts that the Dolphins declined to pay him a $200,000 workout bonus in his contract during the just-completed offseason, and several Miami players reportedly urged the club's front office to release him.

When Gardener failed to return several phone calls by Coach Dave Wannstedt, the Dolphins cut Gardener, despite having to absorb a major salary cap hit in the 2003 season. The team instead acquired defensive end Jay Williams in a trade with the Carolina Panthers. Gardener had been slated to play defensive end for the Dolphins this season.

Gardener this morning chose between contract proposals by the Redskins and Denver Broncos. His agent, Neil Schwartz, had told the Redskins on Monday that they could sign Gardener if they came close to Denver's offer. Gardener spent parts of three days with the Redskins last week, and he was particularly enamored with team owner Daniel Snyder, according to Schwartz. In addition, Gardener was born in Baltimore and lives in Miami. He wanted to be closer to home, although the Broncos had been willing to accommodate him by allowing him to make early-in-the-week trips east during the regular season.

Gardener met with the Houston Texans and Detroit Lions last week before traveling to the D.C. area Wednesday night for a meeting with Redskins' front-office officials, including Snyder and vice president of football operations Joe Mendes. Gardener reportedly miffed Texans officials when he complained bitterly about the quality of the car sent to the airport to pick him up, and Houston officials cut off his workout after about seven minutes.

But the Redskins seemed to like him and decided to sign him despite considerable reservations by some team officials entering the interview process. Gardener arrived in Carlisle on Thursday to meet with Redskins Coach Steve Spurrier and defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis, and he was on the club's training-camp practice field Friday morning, talking with some of his prospective teammates. He volunteered to work out in front of defensive line coach Ricky Hunley. He returned to Miami on Friday, and surprised Dolphins' officials by showing up at their training facility during the weekend. Gardener simply said his goodbyes and told some of his former teammates that he blamed himself, not them, for his release.

"Most people who get a second chance in this game make the most of it," Hunley said.

Gardener is listed at 6 feet 6 and 310 pounds, and players who have had to face him marvel at his strength and agility for a big man. He is regarded as one of the league's better run-stoppers. Lewis talks often about needing linemen who can stay on their feet, not necessarily massive linemen, to stop opponents' running games. But an agile big man is better than an agile small man, and the presence of Gardener and Wilkinson should help to keep opposing blockers away from the Redskins' new middle linebacker, Jeremiah Trotter. That is the formula that Lewis used in Baltimore when he had Adams and another bulky tackle, Tony Siragusa, in front of middle linebacker Ray Lewis.

The Redskins tried throughout the offseason to sign Adams, but found his asking price to be too expensive. They signed Dotson in June, but he is probably better suited to a third-tackle role at this point in his career. He has not practiced during training camp because of an injured calf muscle. Smith also has been sidelined after undergoing two knee surgeries in the offseason.

Gardener was selected by the Dolphins with the 20th overall pick in the 1996 draft out of Baylor. He started 12 games as a rookie and became a fixture on Miami's defensive line. His best season statistically came in 1999, when he was credited by the Dolphins with 71 tackles and five sacks. He signed a seven-year contract extension with the Dolphins in July 2000, but two months later underwent surgery to have a fragment of a herniated disc removed from his back. He played in only eight games last season.

The Redskins also would like to sign a veteran guard at some point during training camp.

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I was hoping it was for two years atleast but if his audition for a multi year deal pans out we should be looking at a playoff run.

I'm also starting to think with th exception of the midgets that this year could be a return of respectability of the NFC East

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Given his current back problems and the alleged character issues I'm glad the Redskins only commited to sign Gardener for a year. If he turns out to be the player we all want him to be we can always work something out in the offseason or shift our focus on drafting a replacement in case Gardener is demanding too much money.

I think this is a great pick up for the Redskins and a rotation of Dotson and Gardener could be successful if both remain healthy.

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