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Peter King on Lavar


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most interesting segment:

CARLISLE, Pa. -- I have tried unsuccessfully, but not like a bulldog, to get private time with Steve Spurrier, staking out the rotunda at the dining hall and the back way he comes out of the practice locker room. To no avail. The bottom line is this: Steve Spurrier is tired of people writing about Steve Spurrier. As I interviewed Danny Wuerffel after last Wednesday afternoon's practice, he yelled to me good-naturedly, "Peter! Stop talking to people about me! You guys write about me enough! Write about the players!" We will. Just not now. It's hard to watch Spurrier work and watch him correct players and listen to him parry with the media without thinking, This is Jimmy Johnson all over again. I don't know when he'll win -- this year, next year, 2004. But he'll win, and win big.

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Yeah bulldog, unabashed enthusiasm from King over anything Redskins is amazing, and that's a pretty strong endorsement on top of that. Then again, he promised that we'd regret drafting 'ole Smooty one year ago . . . Whatever happened to that anti-CNNSI logo that Blade (I think) created as a stamp for articles from that dreadful rag?

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