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Bengals | Westbrook Suffers Broken Wrist - posted at KFFL (http://nfl.kffl.com)

21:55 PT: Bengals.com’s Geoff Hobson reports Cincinnati Bengals WR Michael Westbrook (wrist) suffered a broken left wrist during Sunday’s practice. Westbrook kept practicing after he fell on his wrist. He’ll meet with a hand specialist on Monday morning to determine whether or not he needs surgery. The broken navicular bone is a tricky injury, which could put him out of action 4 to 6 weeks if he needs surgery.

Poor *******.

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Since we are not Eagle fans....I wish Michael the best and hope his hand heals. I would like to see him play a full 16 games and when he catches less than 50 passes maybe he will realize that he is not as great as he thought he was and that there is a reason the Redskins traded him.

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Hmmmm. Navicular bone eh/ One of the...metacarpel bones in the wrist. Small one. Had a hairline of that one one time. Quick recovery time. Though in this case surgery was mentioned, though speculatively. :doh:

hoosier, f/a, not resigned, though there were discussions. Showed the door depending on which fan you ask. :cheers:

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Actually Westbrook had his best year that season when his arm was in a cast. When Connell dropped a pass, Westbrook would taunt him that maybe he should get a cast on his arm too.

Hopefully the guy will be back on the field soon and we can all see whether it was the Redskins holding him back.;)

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Westbrook's apex was being taken #4 in the 1995 draft.

his career has been nothing but disappointment and recriminations to this point.

I don't wish the guy any ill tidings, at the same time I don't want to see him on TV taking shots at the Redskins every time he catches a touchdown pass or makes a nice catch that gets on Sportscenter.

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and to note that the NFL thought the Skins were making a mistake by letting so many of these players go. the fact is most have not done much elsewhere in the NFL.

once again the local fans that see these players day after day seem to have the inside track on them. Just remember what Dallas fans were telling us about Deion and his toe injury back in '00.


Brad Johnson

Jeff George

Michael Westbrook

Albert Connell

Tre Johnson

Dana Stubblefield

Skip Hicks

ND Kalu

James Thrash

Most of these players turned out to be clear disappointments.

Of the lot Thrash has been the best performer. But then again, we knew he had talent, but he didn't seem to fit into Marty's WCO offense. If we had brought in Spurrier in '01 perhaps James would still be here.

The others?

Stubby was a solid player for SF last year. He is clearly not the franchise tackle his free agent deal with the Skins lead us to believe he would be here. And his new salary confirms that. :)

Kalu? Bust. Connell? Bust. Johnson? Bust. Brad Johnson? Mild bust, definitely not worth a $5 million bonus. Wasn't Gruden's first move to acquire another quarterback? :)

Hicks? Has had two fine games in 16 since being let go. Remains a backup player.

Jeff George? Nobody wants him. The Saints were considering him for their THIRD quarterback slot in the offseason.

You know passing out the Gatorade, etc... :laugh:

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