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Jumpy Geathers Trivia.


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Here’s 12 questions to determine how much a of Jumpy Geathers fan you are.

1) What QB did Jumpy knock out of a playoff game, who was also a Super Bowl MVP and a future Hall of Famer ?

2) What team did the Redskins acquire Jumpy from ?

3) How was Jumpy acquired by the Skins ? (trade, waivers, free agent, etc.)

4) Why was Jumpy not wanted by his previous team (specifically) ?

5) What team did Jumpy jump over to play for after he left the Skins ?

6) What is Jumpy's real first name ?

7) True or False : Mick really digs Jumpy.

8) Jumpy’s nephew plays for what college football team ?

9) What name does Jumpy's wife call out in the heat of the moment ? (Hint : It rhymes with Jumpy)

10) What jersey number did Jumpy wear ?

11) The year Jumpy was drafted by his original team, the Redskins spent a 1st AND a 2nd rounder on 2 defensive lineman ; one who never played a down for the Skins, and the other who likewise became a bust, meanwhile Jumpy became a star for the Skins after transferring from his original team. Who were those 2 lineman the Skins drafted ?

12) Twenty picks after Jumpy was drafted, the Lions selected a lineman who, like Jumpy, would also transfer to Washington and become a star. What was his name ?

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I'll take the test-- and I'll be shocked if I get 2 or 3 right. I'm answering totally off the top of my head...

1. Steve Young

2. New Orleans Saints

3. He was a Plan B free agent

4. Poor against the run

5. Atlanta Falcons

6. James

7. Very true

8. LSU

9. Lumpy

10. #97

11. Markus Koch and Bob Slater

12. Eric Williams

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1) Montana (really no clue)

2) Saints

3) plan b FA

4) no clue but; no pass rush, at 6-7 too high a stance, easily blocked

5) Falcons

6) james

7) True

8) I thought I had heard this but no clue (so a wild guess of Grambling)

9) ???????? (none of our busines I'd think)

10) #97

11) markus koch and Dean hammel were back around that time...... Tracy Rocker was a high rounder. If i remember correctlym, he won the college "best lineman" award like may did his year.

12) Eric Williams I think came from Detroit and teamed up with the free agent DT from Pittsburgh (I always forget his name)

Bonus: his signiture move was "the forklift".

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JimboDaMan scored the highest, with 9.

Answers :

1.) Joe Montana

2.) Saints

3.) Plan B

4.) Injury (foot)

5.) Falcons

6.) James

7.) True

8.) Georgia Bulldogs

9.) Let's just say everyone got this right, although if you guessed "Stumpy", you would have had a negative point taken.

10.) #97

11.) Bob Slater and....NOBODY got the 2nd one...STEVE HAMILTON

12.) Eric Williams

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