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trotter just gave me an idea.....


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They would definitely have to be called the "Fujita High 5 Crew" which is the strongest tornado ranking, based on corresponding wind damage. Whenever they make a play which will be often...they will do a fun bunch like high 5 act! I think enthusiasm and energy is good. I disagree with the media on this. They seem to hate when somebody spikes a football, does a dance, or shows emotion. Sorry, I happen to like it! The NFL stands for No Fun League and I really miss the Fun Bunch antics we enjoyed in the 80s. I do not call it taunting, I call it winning and having fun. I think a F3 "Fujita 3" tornado has wind speeds close to 150 mph, which causes considerable damage, but an F5 has winds over 260 mph and causes total devastation and is catastrophic to all life including Eagles and Cowboys. May Trotter intercept another Quincy pass and run it back for a touchdown and then spike it on the "star"!


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