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The one that got away: Willie Jackson signed for peanuts

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AG, I loved your spirited defense of a fellow Gator. :cool:

While I won't jump into the boat that compares Moss to Jackson based on talent, it only emphasizes even more the importance of having the right player in the right system. Jackson would be great here.

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I am not comparing moss to jackson, I am just saying he is not overated. He did have more catches and for a POSSESSIon WR that what I was alluding to. He played on a run oriented team.

A deep threat like Moss will almost always have more yards. But if you look at the seasons. Willie hands down caught more balls in key moments (3rd and longs) and contributed more than MOSS who plays "when he wants to".

Point is to call willie overated is ludicrous.

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Let me ask you this question I guess. Do you know how many balls Alvin Harper caught in his BEST season in Dallas? The answer is 36. His BEST year with the Cowboys in terms of catches was 36. His best year ever was 46. He's NEVER had a 1,000 yard season.

So, let me ask you, why couldn't Jackson's dominance unseat Harper's performance, as just one example. Part of the Dallas hype has us believing Alvin Harper was anything better than Albert Connell when really, it's not at all true.

In 1998 Darnay Scott caught 51 passes. Around these parts we call those Westbrook numbers in a good year of course :). But, why couldn't Jackson's dominance unseat this average production? Jackson clearly is a fine player and I'm not calling him overrated. You are, however, overrating him I think.

But, no matter. We need linemen more than receivers in my view. Do we agree on that?

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Harper and Scott don't play his position. Pickens and Irvin do.

Jackson was specifally behind IRVIN (as a rookie team lost to SF in the NFC championship)

He was behind Pickens at CInn (hurt part of his first year there). When Pickens held out for the first game he put up over 100yards and had 1 0r 2 td's.

Pickens came back and he didn't get many snaps as Cinn had just invested huge money in him.

Also, he was on some very poor teams (cinn and Jax)

Are irvin, pickens and Moss better...yes...is he overated? NO

For his salary he probably the most productive guy in the league. Furthermore he has the ability to show up in the big games and playoffs. He is a go to guy on 3rd and long and makes the tough catches.

You can't convince me that he wouldn't be best WR on this team if he was here.

Later today I will post some quotes on Willie from from the horses mouth (SOS) and you can judge for yourself.

SOS has repeatedly said Wiliie is the BEST player he has ever coached. PERIOD!

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Jacksonville was a playoff team in '95-'97, the years Jackson was there. Mark Brunnell was at QB. They were not that poor of a team.

In '95, Jackson started 10 games for the Jags and had 53 receptions for 589 yards. Not bad. But why didn't Jacksonville start him in '96? He started 2 games and had 33 catches, because Jacksonville felt they needed Keenan McCardell to start over Jackson, despite the fact that he only had 56 receptions in Cleveland the year before. 3 more than Jackson, yet he had 709 yards receiving. What does that tell you?

And Cincy, they were lousy too. But don't you think they would have given the promising fourth year player a look, at least during garbage time? No, they were content to start Carl Pickens troughout the 16 game season even after they were well out of the race.

It's telling that he had a big surge when his contract year came around. If he had worked hard, and if he's as good as you say he is, he should have been starting long before last year.

Albert Connell comes to mind, although I doubt Jackson is a criminal. :doh:

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