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Selling Tickets For Monday Nite against Eagles At Fed-EX


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I am offering these tickets to my brothers(and sisters) of Extremeskins, so hopefully someone that has never been to a Redskins game can get a chance to go.

I have 2 tickets plus stadium parking for the Monday night game against the Eagles(9/16/02 @ 9:00pm). They are Club seats(sec. 328, row 13, seats 16&17) and I am only selling them to Redskin fans(forget about it, Eagle fans). Because of my job, I can not attend the game, due to the fact of the time it is played. I am selling them at face value and with the parking pass(sold as a package only), the price will be $186. These Club seats cost me over $400 a pair with parking.

So, anyone out there in extremeland would like to buy them, PM me and from all that do from 7/25 until 8/15, I will put your name in a hat, and draw the winner from it(on 8/16). I will PM you(on 8/16) if I pick your name, and you will have 3 days(72 hours) to respond. If that person can't come through(in buying the tickets), then I will draw another name until someone buys them. I think this is a fair way of doing this. Hail to the Redskins.

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Thanks Blade. I ONLY sell my tickets to fellow skins fans. You are right, way to many "other" fans get in the Club. There should be a rule that no "other" fans be allowed in the Club. There are alot of Skins fans that never get to go in to the Club, why the he!! should "other" fans be allowed to.

I read your post on another thread that you are in section 307, row 5. Well, we both know where we are in the Club, so maybe we will run into each other one of these games. I will be at every game except for the Monday night game(well, you know that already:laugh:) and the Giants game.

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