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OT : Bachelor Party


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We put my bud Tim on a Grayhound after he passed out. Made it from Ft Myers to Jacksonville before he woke up. We had gotten him a ticket to Savana. We did put a hundred in his pocket so he could get home.

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Whoa. I like that one pete. Hmmmm. A gag/joke and a stripper per chance? Yikes, have a gay stripper dance for him.(I believe a friend of mine had that happen to him. that and another had a rather......weathered stripper dance for him). Then send him on a Greyhound. On second thought, that may cause a rift there.

Wondering Blondie? More like....anyway. Walks a way with innocent whistle.

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The best gag to pull on the wedding couple is this.... bear with me, this is long.

1) before the reception, pass dummy keys out to each all adult males in attendance and a few of the female guests. do not tell them why, just let them know to play along when the time comes, they will know.

2) when your time comes to toast - make some comment about how your buddy the groom has a checkered past and that you are pleased that he is finally settling down, blah blah blah.

3) now add that since he is settling down, ask out of respect for his new bride - ask if there are any females in attendance to step forward and turn in their keys to his apt/house/etc. and hold up a large can or bucket.

4) the few selected females in attendance at this time will now step forward and drop a key in the bucket. no doubt that the newlyweds will be laughing. for stronger laughs, make sure that the brides mother, sisters and/or grandmother are the last women to bring up their keys. you could also make sure that a few of the waitresses are included to play along.

5) the bride isn't out of the woods yet, now comment that it wouldn't be fair to single out your buddy the groom and ask if "by chance" any of the fellas have keys to the brides apt/house step to the front and kindly drop them in the can. NOW, every male in the house is supposed to form a line and move to the front to deposit their key. again, have the grooms father, brother(s) etc be the last in line.

This was done at a wedding I recently attended and really got the guests loosened up and everyone had a blast.

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