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Hey! Joe Gibbs on Jim Rome right now!

Carlito Sway

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Sorry about the delay, folks.

Basically more or less the same interview he gives about once a year; last year's was on Unscripted with Chris Connely, I think. Anyway, he started out with the usual stuff - the Riggins recruitment visit when Giggs was newly hired; being told by Riggo that "I'll make you famous", etc. Related how JKC had interviewed him in Manhattan in some swanky darkened suite; at a critical point in negotiations pointed out the window at the Chrysler building and asked how Gibbs liked his property.

Basically Gibbs plugged his book, which seems to be a quasi-religious sporting memoir about personal accountability in finances. JG spoke about how he'd gone bankrupt - at one point he was losing 35K a day in 1983 (ouch!), found strength in the Lord, turned it around. While I'm respectfully noncommital concerning how much a part any man's Lord plays in the sorting out of finances, it was pretty cool to hear about how he's gone to each of the banks he was beholden to (seven of nine had declared bankrupcy themselves) and rather than opting for his right to declare personal bankrupcy, he chose to work out a plan and remain accountable. Thought that was pretty cool. For female skins fans out there, he said that Rule #1 for all married men is "Listen to your wife".

Jim Rome asked him to compare and contrast NASCAR and the NFL. Gibbs explained that they were somewhat similar; driver as QB, crew chiefs as assistant coaches, etc. Said he thought NFL head coaches and NASCAR team owners were a similar breed, and talked about how NASCAR allowed him to keep the competitive fires burning while managing to incorporate his family, which he couldn't do had he remained as a coach in the NFL.

One of my favorite anecdotes about the Gibbs era is that the coaches would know what time it was during all-night brainstorming sessions when the 6AM concorde landed at Dulles. I'm sure you've all heard about how there were no clocks in the war rooms. Well, Gibbs was extremely modest in saying that the only reason he worked so hard is that he wasn't as smart as some of his competition. Invading Cowboy fans would be happy to hear his remark that he used to stare across the sideline at Landry, the picture of calm as he thoughtfully stroked his chin, and wondered how the heck he did it.

For his part, Rome loves Gibbs. I've watched/ listened to enough of his smack to see when he really does admire a man, and he clearly feels that way about the coach. Maybe he just admires how a man who won three Super Bowls can be so amazing unaffected and down to earth. You know, you see this guy and the last thing his bearing suggests is the macho side of the NFL. He's giggling, scrunching up his face and pointing a wizened finger while making a point, and beaming all the while.

Anyone read the book, or know more about it than me?



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