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woohoo! Butt Naked!


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Indy my man,

I guarantee we are all interested in anything that has to do with 'panties coming off' of a femme, but I think we need a bit more explanation here to know exactly what youre talking about....

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Dog Eat Dog is one of those "Contest Shows." I saw it advertised (didn't watch it). Losing means getting a little wilder than watching your bankroll diminish ... like stripping and the like.

They were showing that girl take it off all week on the promos.

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Ok, I was in a bit of excitement, during a break at work here.

I was checking a segement on the "Dog Eat Dog" show that comes on about 8pm EST, and there was this chick that had so many chances at getting a football in this large, but distant tube with an opening. I believe she had to exchange an article of clothing for so many chances and needed a certain amount bulleyes to win and send these two guys to the doghouse (like a hockey penalty box).

Well she couldn't shoot straight and she took her bra off and still missed. Then the host offered her "two" tries if she'd lose the last article, her panties and have a shot at the big cash.

Batter up: She wound up nicely, little nipples jiggling and cheeks wiggling, there's the throw, with all her but and boobs in motion and ... she missed!

Nudism free on network television.

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Originally posted by indyskinsfan

Sorry you mammary guys, they weren't all that, but still not bad.

Are you kidding, I've had mosquito bites that were bigger!! :laugh:

She sure didn't take too long to decide to strip down to the buff. I thought her QB skills were on par with Quincy. Maybe Jerry might consider signing her as a backup. :D

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