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"I'm tired of..."

Spaceman Spiff

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I'm tired of:

people arguing over the liberal media bias.

Left lane huggers on the highway

People paying with checks at the grocery store (ITS CALLED A CHECK CARD! GET ONE!)

Kids on ADD medication

Hookers turning me down

My addiction to crack

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i'm tired of...

this rove/rowe whatever his name is "scandal"

conservatives on talk radio complaining when republicans got the govt on lock

people acting like john legend is the next stevie wonder....b please

people leaving their engine running while pumping gas

the local pizza place leaving fliers on my door EVERY WEEK!


people who have no idea how to use a self-checkout line

people who get price checks

people who pass by driving on the grass or on the emergency lane

people who don't get out the way of emergency vehicles or get behind them and floor it.

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Originally posted by Spaceman Spiff

yes, humidity is a big one for me, too.

ill agree on the weather s**t, but i just read that it's not humidity that makes us miserable, it's actually the dewpoint. last night we had a dewpoint of 73% and the temp was 80% (around 9pm), and it was horribly sticky!!

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...waiting for Angelina Jolie to be butt nekked in my be-

Oh, hi honey. :paranoid: No, I was just, you know, just kidding... and, hah, I mean, you know... Angelina, yeah, she's ok, but it's just kind of -- what, the couch? Oh, what?! The cou- Ok.

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