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Tried this once before on behalf of Lady Om, when she was the only openly female poster on the board. Now that we are graced with a greater feminine presence, perhaps it's time to revisit it. At the risk of being branded PC, or worse, liberal ... surely Patrick Ramsey, Chris Samuels, Darrell Green and the like are not totally appropriate avatars for our fairer members. Surely we can find something appropriate, without being gauche ... no?

I've one or two suggestions, none of which – I hope – will necessarily send us off on a Babe Alert tangent:





3) Most of you will appreciate the drift here:


4) Awful small I guess, but I hear they're doing great things with enhancement techniques nowadays: :)


Perhaps TXfbluvr and/or Vicki could come up with something ... what say the board?

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Om - Thanks for thinking of us chick fans! Honestly I would LOVE to have Darrell Green as my avitar since he's my favorite player, but if I have to choose I like #4 since it matches my screen name and looks sorta like me! (Same coloring and build - although no six pack - just shorter hair!)

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If you want to really push the envelope I imagine GlennX could come up with something for you gals. :no:

Then again these guys hardly get any work done as it is so we should probably keep it nice and conservative. :yes:

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Thanks OM...for the thoughtfulness. I don't mind being a waterboy.....heck.....just means I am out there with the guys. I would put my own picture up......but the testosterone levels would rise!!!!!!!!!! JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!

Today was a chemo day......I have to keep laughing!!!! I will accept any avatar that is deemed fit by the sane majority!!!!!!

;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Luv Ya'll

Texas Blondie

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Sane majority? Do we have that here? :silly: Hmmmm. Perhaps some type of title underneath the avatar. Er....2 if there is a way of making her a Redskin. :D Yikes Blondie. As if testosterone levels around here aren't high enough already. ;)

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Good idea, Om. Maybe (if the site can accommodate the idea) you give the option of male or female avatars to each poster. As you can see, people are more into the idea of associating with the Redskins than with having avatars that look similar - at least gender-wise - to them.

Good luck with your chemo, blondie. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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